Backyard Shenanigans

Ahhhh, what a wonderful evening we had!  Honestly, I was a bit worried because Mike picked up an overtime shift and went into work at 3pm leaving me solo with all 3 kiddos...which evening time is hit or miss with their moods.

Welp, I must have hit the jackpot tonight because all 3 were just little angels for me and we had such a wonderful evening playing!  The weather, as I posted about earlier this morning, has been just absolutely GORGEOUS so we took advantage of some outside time before dinner to play and be silly.

Wouldntcha know it?! I brought my camera with me to snap some gorgeous golden hour pics of the kiddos (and my new quilt!  Well, new to me, my wonderful Aunt Kate gave it to me and it's going to be my new staple -- especially this fall! -- for photoshoots!).

Anyways, was a gigantic photo dump for sorry...not really.  But gah!  How hold does Patrick look?!  And Annie sitting up like a boss, and Rosie looking so darn cute in her mustard dress!  I could just die.  I am so biased, I know, but golly these kiddos are cuteeee.

And these gems ^^ Patrick took with my camera (I edited) -- isn't he getting good?!  I just love what he captures!

Thanks for looking through my photo dump...I hope you've enjoyed it!  Have a great rest of your week friends!

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