Dino Monday & Other Weekendy Things

Ahhh, what a fun little weekend we had!  I am still reeling from Rick & Kathy's surprise party on Saturday...oh what fun that was!

Last night I shot my promos for ^^ my Mama's Milk Minis (sign up here!) and OMG I am SOOO excited about snapping these at the end of October!  EEKKKK!  It's gonna be a blast and I am so thrilled with how my models turned out!  I cannot wait for October!

Okay!  So we totally soaked up some last bits of summer yesterday at our friend's pool!  She and her kiddos were in town for the weekend from Iowa so we hit up her parent's GORGEOUS pool they just had put in last summer and the kids (and Annie's thunder thighs!) had an absolute BLAST!  Gosh I'm going to miss this summer...it was the best one ever!

There's a little app for Rosie's class that we get a bunch of pictures and updates throughout the day on.  OMG, it's the cutest!  Her little kitty headband kills me and today apparently she's a genius and knows that she has both a brother and sister when she was putting her pic in the Venn diagram.  GENIUS!  Haha!

Not sure if I shared these but each kid has a 'doorway' to display their lovely masterpieces they bring home from school!  I just love looking at these in the family room each and every day.

{PHOTO DUMP!} This morning before school we had a little photoshoot in the front yard because both kiddos wanted to wear their dino outfits and, duh, who am I to deny them of wearing those?!  So on they want and adorable did they look!

Welp, that's about all I've got for this little lunchtime recap.  I hope you all have a wonderful week friends!

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