Ahhhh, what a week.  Seriously, I feel SO BUSY and have a million things on my plate that I need to be doing but, alas, I'm here pumping and writing up this here blog post for you instead!  Haha!  Typical of how Alex's brain here works.

Anyways, our Annie girl turned 32 whole weeks old on Tuesday and I cannot believe how we are already halfway through September and she'll be 8 months old in just a couple weeks.  Time is FLYING by.  I'm also halfway done with 1st quarter at school too which is nuts because I feel like we just started!

^^^ What I wish I were doing right now.  I haven't been sleeping fantastic lately...I mean, I fall asleep easily but come 3 and 4am I'm up and restless and then I hear EVERYTHING so if a kid coughs or makes a noise I'm UP and usually wide awake well before my alarm goes off at 6:15am.  Ugh.  But at least the kiddos are all sleeping well...those tiny little hoarders that they are!  Haha!

The big kids had picture day on Tuesday and I am looooooving the outfit choices they picked to wear (yay Mitz rainbows!).  I really hope they smiled better than that ^^ for their portrait...they both assured me they did.  Haha, we will see soon!

Our lovely neighbor gave Rosie a new doll (which she's named "Princess Dolly") and she looooooves it so much.  She takes it everywhere with her and even sleeps with it too!  She's never really been attached to one thing or the other, so I'll be curious if her attachment to Princess Dolly sticks or if it's temporary like everything else she attaches herself to for a few days then ditches.

Ro wasn't feeling any sibling pics earlier this week so I tossed in a few cute ones of her by herself for good measure.  But Patrick comes home nearly every single day from school asking to play with and cuddle Annie and it seriously is the cutest thing EVER.  He can make her laugh and smile like no one else!

Gosh aren't her dimples KILLERS?!  They slayyyyy me!  I hope they never go away and stay that nice and deep forever and ever!!!  Anyways she was looking oh-so-cute in her new Primary jammies earlier this week so I had to snap a few pics of her in them...and then she was acting like a fish in her carseat before I dropped her off at NeeNee's so you're getting dumped that cute little video too.  You're welcome.

On Wednesdays the girls go to my mom's and she sent me this pic from their park adventure yesterday and it just melts my heart!  GAH!  So darn cute!  I just love them.  I hope they're best friends (and probably worst enemies some days!) as they continue to grow up.

We went to one of our favorite (and sooo kid friendly!) spots for dinner earlier this week (Jason's Deli for any of my local peeps) and the big kids had a blast.  And destroyed the table and surrounding floor with their food.  But yay for a good time and no tears, right?!  RIGHT.

Lastly I'll leave you with a giant photo dump of before school antics this morning.  Ahhh, that morning golden hour how I love you so!  I'm sure we're going to be missing you soon when it's still dark when we're leaving so we're trying to soak you up as much as possible!

Anyways, that's all I've got for this Thursday!  I have oodles and oodles of snappin' coming up in the next several weeks (heck, until November!!!) so I'm busy and excited for all of that.  Fall, I love you already!  Have a good one friends!

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