Annie at 10 Months

I KNOW I just published Annie's 9 month post like yesterday, but here I am writing all about our littlest meatball at 10 months old!

What's crazy is that someone asked over the weekend how old she was and I was like "oh she just turned 9 months" and then realized OMG SHE WILL BE 10 MONTHS ON THURSDAY!  Where or where is this time going?!?!?!

Annie really is such a happy, chill, cuddly little meatball and is the perfect #3 to our fam bam!  I seriously cannot imagine life without her as part of it!

We don't go back to the doc until 12 months (WHAT!?! ONE YEAR OLD?!?!?) so you're left with a splattering of mom stats.  LUCKY YOU!
  • Annie weighs 21 pounds 10 ounces and is probably 28 inches long.  She is definitely still out little peanut!!  Some of her rolls have started to thin out (tear!) and she's getting leaner and leaner it seems.
  • Annie is rockin' 9-12 and 12 month clothes still!  Actually some 6-12 clothes still fit her too!   It's crazy that she is actually in clothes FOR HER SIZE!  Our first kid to actually do this!  Haha!  But she seems happy and content and even has plateaued a bit in her size so I think she'll still be rockin' this size for another month or so.  Her short torso and length are helping keep her in these size clothes as well.
  • She is crawling!  She can get where she needs to by bending over, rolling, and scooting around.  She is a master at pushing herself across the floor with her hands and bending and stretching to grab anything she needs to get.  And just this week, like 3 days ago, she figured out the actual CRAWL!!  She's as slow as a turtle crawling around but girlfriend is moving like crazy and actually crawling on her hands and knees!! I am so proud of her!!
  • This month she mastered going from laying down on her back or tummy and getting herself up to a seated position...which I have come into her room in the morning or after nap and discovered her sitting up all by herself, even inside her sleep sack! So impressive!
  • She is not really saying any specific words but definitely babbles and talks up a storm!  She loves to hear herself make noise and sometimes in the backseat she just talks and talks and talks (and then sometimes it turns into a scream!) the entire ride home!  She cracks me up.  I'm sure it'll be no time before she's babbling and actually saying real words and not ever shutting up, much like her older sister!
  • We are hoping to try and ditch the bottles this month and go to sippy cups -- wish us luck with that one!  Haha!  I'm a this.close. to stopping my midday pump at school and just pumping in the morning and at night cause I am getting so close to being done with the pump...but Annie gets about 15oz of milk while I'm at school and then nurses 3-4x a day when I am home with her.  Like I said with Rosie, I'll nurse her as long as she wants, but I am ditching the pump around a year!
  • Annie will eat pretty much anything you give her!  She likes her pouches of food but usually has whatever we're having with that as well.  She definitely prefers fruits over veggies, but doesn't seem to be too picky.  She's tried nearly everything and seems to like it!  She's getting better about picking up food and actually EATING IT and keeping it in her mouth and not spitting it let's hope that continues! I hope we can ditch the baby food pouches soon too and just give her solely what we're having.
  • Definitely still holds the title for best Mooney sleeper!  Goes down around 7/8pm and sleeps until 8/9am in the morning!  Still takes one nap, usually from about 12:30/1 - 3:30/4pm and it is wonderful!  She goes down super happy and wakes up just as happy!  She makes it so easy on us and I am hoping and praying this always is how she is and lasts forever and ever!
  • Annie banannie has 4 teeth now (two up top, two down below!) and the other two on the sides of her two front teeth are just about to pop through.  However, I honestly had no idea these teeth were coming in because she is just so chill and relaxed and doesn't seem to let anything bother her! WOOT WOOT for that!  Hope that always lasts :) 
  • Still just a few nicknames -- Annie banannie, Annie girl, baby Annie, and, most recently, Patrick and Rosie call her Gugu which is freaking adorable.  I have no idea where they got that name but it is so cute to hear her called that.
  • Annie is soooo observant and really likes to see what's happening around her and take things in.  She has some serious resting bitch face a lot but I think it's just her being observant and taking everything in.
  • Girlfriend is such a chill, happy, and content baby.  She is the definitely of 'go with the flow' baby and we just love her so much and seriously cannot imagine life without her!  I have loved watching her grow and even more so loved watching her big siblings love on her as well!
Here's your (read: my) favorite: comparison snaps!

And lastly, all 3 burritos at 10 months (and you can read P and R's 10 month posts too, if you wanna walk down memory lane, at the links below).

Welp, that's all I've got for Annie Banannie at 10 months old!  She's gearing up for her first Christmas and I've only got 2 more months of these lovely update posts before she is the big O-N-E and these monthly updates are laid to rest.  Oh Annie girl!  We love you so much and are so happy you are part of our fam bam!

Patrick at 10 Months                  Rosie at 10 Months

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