The Rush is Over.

Holy cats.


And honestly, what a freaking busy month November was.  I have said it before, and I'll say it again, I totally overdid it.  I took on way too much (the money I made was nice...but I'm realizing as nice as it is it isn't worth all of the family time I sacrificed) and had a real problem saying NO.

I'm making sure that doesn't happen again because I'm hopefully going to have this (and the others!) post to refer back to to remind me how it was A LOT and kind of incredibly exhausting.  I actually have gotten a few shoot inquiries this morning and I am standing firm on when I'm available and not sausaging them in to kill myself.  The only ones I will always make time for are births and newborns.  Other than that, I am sticking to the schedule I set for myself and going to enjoy all of the family time and holidays festivities! BOOM!

With that said, this past weekend (after the Thanksgiving festivities) was a whirlwind...

We had Mike's 20 year high school reunion Friday night and it was a blast!  I actually knew a few people from his class (or their spouses!) so I had plenty of people to chit chat with.  It was a much needed night out for us -- we even took our first Uber there and back!  We are so hip 😚

I should mention I had these two (here and here) shoots Friday, and Saturday and Sunday I was jammed with 5 more shoots (here, here, here, and here didn't want teasers cause it's for Christmas prezzies!) and lawdie I am exhausted just looking back over these! Haha!  Fortunately the weather was just perfect so we did all of them outside which was so great.

We did squeeze in a trip on Saturday in between my shoots to visit our favorite shop Sweet Be's and get a pic with the reindeer that was there to greet the customers for small business Saturday!  The big kids LOVED it.  And how tiny are reindeers!?!?  So small!

I want to add that now that we have a mantle we actually have stockings (!!!!) for the first time EVER and I freaking love them.  I had them custom-made earlier this year and I am just loving seeing them hanging from the mantle SO MUCH.  I want to get some garland and Christmas lights to drape around them to make it even more festive.

On Thanksgiving Patrick did get to meet his new little cousin Lillian and oh how cute they were together!  #1 grandkid holding #7.  Just the cutest!  Stay tuned for the big cousin jammie picture coming up (hopefully!!) this weekend! I.can't.wait.

So Rosie's new Christmas dino dress from Mitz came in and she does not want to take it off!  She's worn it for the past 3 days straight and I will say she looks darn cute in it, doesn't she??!  She had to wear her Christmas shoes with it too while riding her Scooter this past weekend and it just kills me!  Her outfit choices are just amazing.

Patrick has been doing amazing promoting his new Pixltoys camera (and Ro has been helping too!) and I think we're gonna host an Instagram giveaway next week to give one away!  So if you don't already, go follow me and stay tuneddd!

Okay, and to conclude this all over the place post, here are a bunch of random snaps from this past between the rush and craziness, I did manage to capture some cute moments.

There truly is no place like home my friends.  So thankful today and everyday to call Kirkwood home!

Have a great one friends!  Happy Tuesday!!

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