Oh what a fun Turkey Day we had!

And I’m totally writing this at 3pm on Thanksgiving and it’s not even over yet but my expectations for the rest of the day are low low lowwwww and I don’t know if we’re gonna make it out anywhere else (cause #sleep) SOOOO you’re getting a not-yet-over holiday post.  You’re welcome.

We started our Thanksgiving festivities last night -- my cousin, his wife, and their daughter Audrey got into town and we first had to snap a pic of all of the Pepin grandkids together.  I think we got a pretty good one, dontcha think?!?!

We then decided to do a big family dinner at Rigazzi’s on the Hill.  It was a BLAST -- the kids were actually super well-behaved (strategic seating against a back wall corner on our part!) and Mike and I got to actually have an adult convo with Jordan and Kim (and I got to have an adult beverage! YAAASSS!).

It really was a blast!  Gosh I love my fam bam SO MUCH.  I live for nights like these!

Once we got home and got the kiddos to bed, I sat down to edit 3 sessions plus some of Patrick snappin' (that post will be coming your way soonish) and Mike went to work.  I stayed up wayyyy too late editing but it was okay cause I'm on Thanksgiving breakkkkk! WOOT!

Mike's 20th high school reunion is this weekend and he busted out his 23 year old letterman's jacket and IT STILL FITS!  WOOT!  Doesn't he look handsome in it?!? I am actually really looking forward to his reunion...cause I know a few people there that I'll be able to talk to while he walks down memory lane with all of his buddies!

In the morning of Turkey Day we got up and Mike got home from an early morning tailgate with his reunion crew and went to take a nap while the kids and I played...I mean, while they played and I sat back and took pics!  Haha!  Audrey came over to play too and I think they had a blast in the basement playing together.

I did get the kids dressed and hustled them outside on the path for a few Thanksgiving snaps before we woke Mike up to go to lunch.  Don't you think they turned out adorable?!? Gosh I am so thankful and lucky to be their mama.

Then, just as nap time was about to set in, we headed out for our big Thanksgiving lunch at my dad's cousin's house.  And oh boy did the kiddos have fun!  Ro was a bit whiney/clingy (I blame #strangerdanger and it being nap time) but warmed up after a bit.  Patrick had a BLAST on the trampoline and playing with his cousin Audrey and new buddy Maddox.

They seriously had such a blast together!

I even got up there to bounce with them for a bit too.  It was a blast -- but lawdieeee, I was reminded I have had 3 kids cause I'm pretty sure I peed on myself a little...or a lot.  Oops.  I remember this was a lot easier when I was 10 years old! Haha!

We did manage to get a family snap and OMG everyone is looking and smiling!  It's an early Christmas miracle!

We then headed home for naps all around -- the girls were falling asleep on the way home and Mike needed more than the hour he got this off we went for some siestas and for me to compose this here post for you (you're welcome).

Overall, we had a wonderful turkey day and it was just so much fun hanging with our family and watching the kiddos play!  I'll leave you with this lovely comparison snap from last year to oh my how things have changed in a year!  Wonder what 2018 will look like?!?!  Stay tuned :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving my friends!

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