I'm really REALLY trying not to let ^^^ this be me...but golly, it's hard.  I had an absolutely jam-packed weekend full of 8 photoshoots in less than 48 hours (and they weren't even minis!) and I.am.just.spent.  I really REALLY want to be looking forward to and excited for the holidays but, alas, I am not (currently! hoping that mood changes.) because I am just looking at my to-do list which is a mile long.

Looking ahead, I have another 11 shoots between now and next Sunday.  I have totally and completely over-extended myself.  I know people are home for the holidays and want family snaps and I am just too nice to say no!  BUT!  After this crazy week I am saying no -- I am forcing myself to ONLY book one shoot per weekend day through the winter and into the spring.  I need a freaking break.  I need to spend time with my kids!  I miss them so.  And I'm hoping next summer I stumble upon this post as a reminder to NOT overbook myself in the fall -- to leave some time for my kiddos too.

But can we laugh for a second at that meme??!  It's pretty freaking hilarious and Rosie just kills me.  I actually snapped it last night at Pepin Thanksgiving dinner when Rosie was just too overwhelmed with her food options.  Pretty dang funny if you ask me!

OKAY!  I need to end this post on a happier note!  On Saturday one of my shoots got rained out, so I had an afternoon free and when Mike woke up we decided to hit up the pool -- something we hadn't done in AGES!  And it was SO MUCH FUN and the kids had a blast and I did too -- a moment to relax amidst the chaos of fall photo shoots.

Why, yes, yes they did indeed wear their matching swimsuits and they were freaking adorable.

They all were SO GOOD at the pool -- this is really the first time we've gone where Annie was able to sit up and just kinda scoots around and play in the water...which she loved.  Patrick loved jumping in the deep end off of the edge and going down the slide.  Rosie loved clinging to Mike and splashing Annie in the baby pool.

It really was a wonderful evening and I am hoping after this week goes by and things slow down we'll have lots more of these evenings SOON!

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