Finally Fall?

Is fall FINALLY here?!  I mean, it feels like this past week, you know, well into November, the leaves around here have finally started to really pop and I am just IN LOVE with the colors!

Are normal backyard setting is very VERY green...however, in the past coupe days it's turned and all of the fall colors are poppin' and I'm loooooving it!

Anyways, we had to drop Scoots off for a haircut on the way to school this morning and we were running about 10 minutes early (shocker!  That never happens!) so I hustled my favorite guy out back for a few fall snaps.  Cause, why not?!

Can you tell it was FREEZING outside?!  Patrick was a trooper sans his coat (oops!) and we were only out for about 5 minutes before we headed back to the van to go to school.

I was so caught up in snappin' that I totally forgot Patrick's backpack and snack bag (oops!) at home...but fortunately Rosie's was at school nice and full and since she doesn't have school on Fridays we were able to snag some snacks from hers for P's snack time today.

Anyways, happy Friday friends!  I have a jam-packed weekend full of minis...hoping for lots of sun and a bit warmer weather! haha!

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