The Magic of Christmas

One of my good buddies Tiff (who owns Terry Farms Photography in Michigan and takes absolutely STUNNING pictures) posted this snap and I just HAD to steal her idea and recreate it with my kiddos!  I mean, her image is amazing and I knew mine wouldn't live up to how gorgeous hers is...but dang nabit I was going to try!

After we had dinner at my parents we headed home for baths and to get ready for bed...but first Patrick wanted to play with the train around the tree.  This is his most favorite part of the holidays -- getting the train out and making it go round and round the tree 5 million times is his most favorite thing to do!  The past several nights he's forfeited his one tv show he usually gets to watch before bed to play with the train instead!

I decided to grab my camera and snap some pics of the big kids by the tree and looking at the ornaments, which next to the train is their favorite thing to do!  They found the sound/music ones and cannot stop pushing those buttons to make them sing and talk!

How's that for a photo dump for you??!! But seriously I just had to share this little bit of Christmas magic with you.  This time of the year is my favorite and every year as the kids get older it gets more and more magical -- I love seeing that magic and wonder through their eyes!  It is just so special and really makes me try and savor each and every moment because it does go so fast and I want to hang on to their sweet little innocence and how that magic of the season glistens in their eyes.  Golly I love this time of the year so much!!

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