A few months ago an old friend posted these amazing crocheted donuts on Facebook.  I commented how freaking awesome they were and then she messaged me asking if I'd like her to make me one. DUH!  Of course!

Well she recently dropped it off and ohh emm gee, it's ALL of the kids, Scoots included, favorite new toy!  They looooove sitting on it, sleeping on it (*cough cough* Scooter!), wearing it as a dress, and so much more.

You all know my undying love for donuts 'round these parts, so I felt like this amazing donut pillow deserved its own post.

Seriously, Scoots did not leave the donut ONCE last night! I even had to bring it into bed for him to sleep in instead of his beloved cat bed that he's slept in for the past like 8 years! 

Anyways, so freaking cute and soft and I am just hoping it holds up to the chaos of my children and household!  I mean, well-loved is better than not loved at all, right?! RIGHT.

YAY DONUTSSSSS!  Now I need to coordinate another donut pic of all of us in our donut attire atop our new donut!  Stay tuned friends... 😉

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