Piper's Arrival

Professional photog for ya right there peeps.  ^^^ Hahahahahahaha

My dear dear cousin Adrienne told me back in the spring that she was expecting!  This was SO exciting -- her rainbow babe was on the way!  Adrienne lost her second babe at 14 weeks in October of 2016, and that was tough.  So freaking tough.  Something no one should ever have to go through, yet she did.  Adrienne's resiliency just stuns me.  When she found out she was pregnant again she was excited yet terrified of losing that one too.  However, day by day, week by week that little babe (a girl!) grew and grew stronger and stronger and then, on Wednesday, November 8th at 38.5 weeks, she decided to make her entrance into this world!

We had planned for me to do birth pics for her if it worked out...and, with 20 minutes to spare, it most definitely did!

Adrienne was induced on Tuesday, 11/7 and her hubby Jeff kept me updated all evening and into Wednesday morning on her progress.  I decided to go into school, but told my principal I may need to leave abruptly to go to the birth if it's go time and I'd be using a personal day then.  She was cool with it so I was happy about that.

Jeff text me at 8:47am that she was starting to push and I literally FLEW out of school and raced up there.

I got there about 9:20am and little miss Piper McCarthy was born at 9:42am! 

Adrienne did AMAZING.  Her birth was incredible and she made it look so easy. Gah!  Just perfection.  I'm getting goosebumps typing this!

For the first time I actually got some pics of me with the little one I snapped arriving into this world!  Gah! Squishy babies!  Giving me baby fever again!!!

Anyways, I wanted to share a few snaps from Piper's arrival for you!  Births are just so freaking magical and incredible and amazing.  I feel so thankful for each and every one I get to capture for people...and having Adrienne be my cousin and having me do hers is no exception!  I am forever grateful for her allowing me to snap these!

And I usually am 100% sharing births in only black and white but gah, the color of some of these images is just amazing so I wanted to share those too.  Hope you enjoyed them...and they were PG enough for you :)

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