Pixltoys Camera

I think I've posted some snaps with Patrick enjoying his new camera before...haven't I?!!?   My memory is toast after 3 kids.

Anyways, a friend recommended ^^^ this awesome camera from Pixltoys and we just HAD to get it.  We have a plentiful supply of extra iPhones laying around and that's all you need for it -- a working smartphone and you're in business!  I put in my old iPhone 5S in it, downloaded the Pixltoys app, and BOOM.  He was good to go! 

What I like about this camera is that it's 1. durable 2. looks and feels like a real camera with a shutter button that actually works 3. so easy for a 4 year old to use!  Yes, you could totally give your kid an old phone and just turn the camera on and let them snap with that.  However, I feel like for little toddler and big kid hands that is too cumbersome and they'll accidentally exit out of the camera and go into another app OR DROP IT.  NOPE.

So that's why this camera is awesome -- it really transforms that phone into an actual digital camera!  Santa brought Patrick a kids digital camera last year for Christmas and it was very much like this in shape and size, however, the picture quality was terrible.  But this one!  GAH!  Pictures are so good!  (Have you checked out his instagram feed?! Almost all of those pics were taken with this camera)

Anyways, I am so excited to share that we have been asked to be brand ambassadors for this amazing brand!  We love this camera so much and now we get to share with others how much we love it too!

I think this is a great practical 'toy' for kids -- especially as a birthday or Christmas gift.  And even if you don't have an old phone lying around, you can snag one off of eBay for $50 or less -- so couple that with the price of this camera and you have a really REALLY good (and durable!) digital camera that blows the $80 "kid's" digital cameras out of the water!

I do have a lovely 30% off code for you if you want to snag one or ten of these bad boys for your own kiddos!

use PIXLPLAYBR30 on pixltoys.com 

Well friends, that's all I've got for you today!  If you snag one of these cameras, let me know how you like it!  Like I said, Patrick is obsessed with it (and Rosie will be too once the second one I ordered shows up!) and I'm sure your kiddos will be too!!

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