Annie & The Shopping Cart {& Scooter!}

I feel like Mooney kids pushing Scooter in the shopping cart is a rite of passage.  Like Patrick did it, Rosie did it, and now Annie is doing it!

Now, Annie is NOT walking on her own...rockin' that 15.5 month age of hers and still crawling along and walking WITH things.  You keep doin' you, Annie girl.

BUT, she was ALLLLLL about pushing Scoots in the shopping cart!

And this one cracked me up -- her laughing, putting Scooter in the 'garage' under the table, and Mike helping her get him out.  I've watched it like 5 times and can't stop laughing!  I swear Patrick did this same thing when he was a year old!

Scooter deserves a gold medal though, he puts up with SO MUCH!!

Truly, I think he likes being chauffeured around.

Anyways, we'll see if Annie girl lets go of the shopping cart soon and starts walking on her own!  Rosie was a little over 17 we'll see if Annie starts toodling along without anything before or after that.  Stay tuned my friends!!

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