Rosie's New Dress!

Maybe my most pointless post EVER, but it is seriously a post to show off Rosie's new dress!


Seriously though, Ro was in the mood 'to take pictures with mommy' (her words! not mine!) and wanted to twirl in her new dress (from here) and who am I to deny her of that?!?!

SUPERRRR biased, but is she not the cutest?!?!  And that dress!! GAH! I mean, I guess I posted this cause I am super jealous and wished this came in my size cause how freaking cute is it?!?! Seriously adorable!

Anyways, that's all I've got for this late night post!  I was just finishing editing this session I had tonight (only one more session tomorrow night and then NADA (well, minus the second shooter wedding this weekend...but Tiff will be editing those so no real work for me minus snapping!) until June 18th! WHATTTT!!! #hellovacation #photooverloadcomingatya) and figured I'd share these pics of Ro too.  Hope you enjoyed my little divacakes!

Have a great hump day friends!  I'm literally GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT

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