Rosie's Last Day of 2s Preschool

Welp, I blinked.

I SWEAR I just posted this.

But alas, here we are 9 months later and BAM!  Rosie is done with her first year of preschool!  2s class is in the books, and girlfriend is on to the 3s class come August!

First, let me get some boo-hoos out: this is the last time Ro and Patrick will be at the same school for two more years.  Today was officially their last day of school together! I really cannot believe it.  What a year they both had! GAHHHH!!

Okay. I seriously CANNOT BELIEVE the school year is over already!  Patrick's last day is tomorrow and he will officially be DONE with preschool and off to Kindergarten in just a few short months.  Where oh where is the time going?!?!

Duh, we had to keep with tradition and do the sign pic!  Golly she looks so much bigger than she did back in August!  Here's a few comparison snappies for you:

Gosh what a great year our biggest little chickadee had!  She made so many new friends, learned SO MUCH, and had SO MUCH FUN going to school three (FULL!) days a week.  She learned how to use the potty, moved to a full size bunk bed, can get herself mostly dressed, brushes her own teeth, and about a billion other things she does independently now that she's THREE and done with her first year of preschool.

Gosh doesn't she look about 100000x times bigger than she did here?!  I cannot believe it!  And reading back to that post about how I was so nervous she'd freak out when I dropped her off and what not and now I wouldn't even blink about it -- she has grown up so much and I have full confidence she will adapt and not throw a fit wherever we leave her, with or without her favorite big brother.

I am so thankful for her awesome teachers this year and everything they taught her!  I also LOOOOOVED so much getting to peek into her classroom every day and get lots and lots of pics!  Here are a few from this past week...

Rosie came home with a giant binder of all of her artwork and stuff from the year and I cannot wait to really look through it and all of the things she's created.

It really was such a great year for her, and I know some people are like BUT IT WAS JUST PRESCHOOL -- and yes, they're right...but can't preschool be celebrated too??!?!  She learned and did SO MUCH! 

I cannot wait to see what the summer holds for this girl and what her year of 3s preschool will bring starting in August!  Ro, I think there are big things in store for you little lady.  The sky's the limit sister bear! GO FOR IT!!

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