When the Big Kids Are Away...

It's Memorial Day weekend!  And a few weeks ago Kate asked if the big kiddos could come down and hang with her because the pool is opening and she had a billion things for them to do!  This worked out perfectly cause Mike had to work all weekend (boo) and I had 6 photoshoots...so away they went!

Since it was Patrick's last day of school he had a half day so everyone met at NeeNee's for lunch before the big kids headed to the lake with KiKi and Annie, Mike, and I went home for siestas (for them! haha!).

Side note: Annie has been really LOVING up on her bunny lately -- she always is snuggling with it ^^^ at night and has a death grip on it whenever we go in to get her up!  The cutest!!

Not the cutest: Annie literally EATING THE WOOD off of her crib.

Seriously.  Little vampire.  She has been chewing on it a lot lately (and truly gnawing on anything that finds itself in her mouth...like Rosie's arm, KiKi's finger, etc... methinks her incisors (is that the right word for it?!?!)) and for whatever reason loves wood.  The other kids were never THIS bad so maybe we need to get those crib pad/guard thingies??! 

Anyways!  Back on track!  So the big kids are away and tonight Annie got to feel the solo kid life and I don't think she hated it.

First off, girlfriend got some new shoes (these!!! which we all have a pair (sans Mike) and they are my most favorite shoe EVER.) and a new romper (from here!) so duh, we had to take a few pics to share with our internet friends about our find and fit (which I really love these rompers and they are SO CHEAP and now I want them in every color! HAHA!).

Anyways, my photoshoot tonight got rescheduled cause of a sick kiddo so we decided to do dinner with my parents and brother Charlie!

Annie really REALLY loves her uncle Charlie (not so much sharing her food with him when he asks. haha!) and loved getting some time with him tonight before he had to head out to work.  We went to a (new to us) BBQ place and it was pretty darn good!  Quick and easy, our type of restaurant.

We then decided to hit up the Custard Station cause, duh, it's Friday and a long weekend and everyone loves ice cream!  So we headed to downtown Kirkwood and went to get some custard.

Annie: will stand for ice cream.

No steps were taken but SHE STOOD UNASSISTED for forever as long as we kept shoveling ice cream in her mouth!  I just know she's going to start walking when we're in Europe! HAHA! Kathy, if you're reading this, get it on video and send it to us ASAP (or heck, FaceTime us!!) so we can see it live!!  I know she'll be walking before we know it!

After ice cream Annie got to watch a train go by with dad (she was totally meh about it) and then got some Gramps snuggles and walking practice before we headed home for baths and bed...and FaceTime with our big two who were playing in the lake at sunset!  I AM SO JEALOUS OF THEIR LIFE.

All in all, it was a wonderful Friday night!  Summer has officially started for most of us -- I have a couple days of meetings next week then I am officially DONE and on my online time clock teaching from here on out!!!! YAYYYYY to making being a mama and a photog my main jobs!!

I have 7 more photoshoots before I take off next weekend to second shoot a wedding in Indiana then dart back and head out to Europe on June 4th! GOLLY I CANNOT WAIT!  This past week has been a stressful anxiety-inducing week with some drama at school with end of the year stuff, so I am SO EXCITED to get away for a bit and relax and come back rejuvenated and ready for my new roles all around!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend friends!!!

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