What You See vs. What I See

Ahhhh, comparison pics.  You know I have an undying love for these.  And I thought I'd share one here of what you see (with an iPhone) vs. what I see (with my big camera!).

Quite a difference, eh?!?!

I guess I really have never noticed how cool of a spot our first level of our retaining wall is...so today I walked by after taking Scoots out and was like OOOOOH this could make some cool pics.  So once Annie got up from her siesta I saddled her up in her super cute new Lulu and Roo romper and I went snap happy!

I know that was a massive photo dump but don't you love all of her varying expressions?!  Golly she just kills me!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little impromptu photo shoot!  I'll have to wrangle all 3 + Scoots for a wall shoot when everyone is back home from the weekend adventures...stay tuned!!

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