While Patrick Practices, The Girls Will Play.

I quickly want to first point out that my Momtog classes I held on Sundays were AWESOME! I think they were a huge hit.  You can read more about them here.

On Monday nights Patrick has t-ball practice.

And we've decided to make a family affair out of it -- we send him off to practice...and the girls get to play on the playground before they go cheerlead!

So I should add that my new MacBook Pro came in Monday afternoon and I was giddy with excitement about it!  Patrick lovingly snapped that pic ^^^ of me and posted it to his Instagram account.

Anyways, I wanted to see how it handles photo editing (which is the big reason why I upgraded) so I brought my camera with me to practice to snap some pics of the girls and Patrick so then I could do 'research' later with editing on my new beast.

These ^^^ two pics might be my favorite of the night!  Annie clearly was not having the sister cuddles Rosie was ALLLL about.  Her face just KILLS ME!!

Rosie played, Annie watched.  And both of them thoroughly enjoyed themselves doing that!

Rosie then was in a great mood (for real!) and was alllll about the posing game so she was showin' off her stuff and even found a prop (soccer ball!) for her to model with.  Oh my gosh she KILLS ME!!

When there's about 20 minutes left of practice we head over to watch Patrick...and do what he loves to see his sister do: cheer for him!

Yes, we brought her pom-poms too and he was LOVING it.  I wish I'd have gotten on video when she stopped and he looked over at her and said, "Rosie!  You can cheer for me again!!!" It was the cutest.thing.ever.

Ro then got distracted from cheerleading cause she found a ton of dandelions so she occupied herself with those until practice was over.

We then headed home for popsicles and baths before bed.

BUT!  A few other things...

This kid got a new Indiana Jones shirt from aunt Erin and uncle Ben and he was SO STOKED to wear it to school today!  I think he may never actually take it off, he loves it so much!

Just a picture of these kids of mine that I love I snapped during school pickup.

And finally, a few videos that I think are adorable #sobiased.

Welp, that's all I've got for you today!  Have a great one friends...happy Tuesday!!!

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