I CANNOT FREAKING BELIEVE this kid, my first born, is FIVE YEARS OLD TODAY.  I swear I feel like he was just hatched and now, BAM!  He's 5 and about to start kindergarten!  Where oh where has the time gone??!?!

We had his friends/family birthday party last Saturday on the 28th (which ironically was his due date!) and then today is his big day.  FIVE!

Keeping with tradition, we did a little backyard photo shoot for this guy at 5 and I am freaking LOVING how these pics turned out!

He was all about these pics.  Gosh he is so handsome and grown up I can hardly stand it!  I feel like as they get older the less 'mom stats' I have and the more I just brag about how cool they are.  Sorry about that.  But!  Fear not!  I've got some great tid bits about Patrick at 5 whole years old for ya today!

  • Patrick weighs 49 pounds and stands 44.5 inches tall. HE IS A BIG FELLA!!!
  • Patrick wears size 6 in tops and 5 in bottoms.  He's tall and skinny!  He is officially out of the T (toddler) sizes and into the big boys stuff.  I swear he's growing like a week!  He wears size 13 shoes -- I'm sure he'll be in size 1s before too long.
  • Great sleeper -- usually passed OUT within a few minutes of laying down and is up most days by 7 or 7:30am.  Doesn't nap anymore, but does have rest time (at home and school) while his sisters nap and once in a blue moon he'll fall asleep too, but that doesn't happen much at all.
  • Shares a room with his little sister Rosie and graduated earlier this year to the top bunk (from a toddler bed!) to a set of bunk beds!  HE LOVES IT.  Loves sharing a room with her and loves being up top on the top bunk. 
  • Has lots of friends and I don't know if he's ever met anyone he doesn't get along with!  Loves playing with his friend Emma and his buddies Charlie and Owen at school.  Loves playing with the neighbor kids too and seriously can get along and play with a brick wall if he needed to!  He's so friendly and polite and sweet.
  • Absolutely LOVES school -- has totally excelled in preschool and cannot wait to go to Kindergarten next year.  He loves to write his name, color, make up stories, and play with trucks and trains and build things.  He doesn't seem to like to spend too much time on one thing before he changes directions and wants to do something else (reminds me exactly of MYSELF! haha!) but has really loved school and all of the friends he's made there.
  • Loves to watch his iPad, play with his sisters, play at the park, ride his bike (he's getting better at riding a two-wheeler sans training wheels), ride his 'motorcycle' (Power Wheels), and anything outside and involves getting dirty and messy!
  • Started t-ball (which he loves!) and did indoor soccer (skills only) last fall but will be playing team soccer this spring!  Absolutely loves sports and running around and playing -- would spend all day every day outside if he could!  
  • Is a little fish -- is SO GOOD at swimming and has no problem going into the deep end and swimming around sans floaties.  He's so good with swimming and loves being in the water, whether it be in the pool or ocean!
  • Still a thumb sucker and still has to sleep with his beloved monkey pillow.  He is only allowed to have that at night time now and doesn't get it anytime he wants (or in the car) because he is ALWAYS sucking him thumb then and we are trying to break that as much as we can.
  • Absolutely loves being a big brother so much and is so good to his little sisters, it is the sweetest thing.  He and Rosie do fight (a lot!) but they do love each other just as much and just as quickly.  They truly are best friends and Patrick just LOVES having a baby sister in Annie to show off whenever he can.
  • Really has developed a love for Spiderman, Star Wars, ET, and is currently obsessed with Indiana Jones!  He cannot get enough of these things.  Still likes Mickey, Paw Patrol, and those 'younger' shows but is definitely more interested in the older characters and things nowadays.
Wow.  I just cannot believe this dude is FIVE!  FIVE years gone by in an instant it seems.  Patrick, you are just so amazing and such a shining star in our family!  Your sisters look up to you and you are the biggest helper and have the biggest and kindest heart around!  We love you buddy!  Don't ever change!

And if you want to walk down (sobbing) memory lane, here are his past yearly blog posts.  Golly, it went SO FAST!!

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