The Playhouse

Sunday was a BUSY day for me...momtog class (read about it here!) and Lily's 6 month pictures (see those here!).

Fortunately everything was held at my fave snappin' spot, where I do my mini sessions -- at my amazing in-laws house!  So at least I wasn't running all over STL like some weekends!  Haha!

Anyways, after we did Lily's 6 month pictures my kiddos soireed out and I decided to take some pics of them playing in the clubhouse. 

I've completely given up on trying to get a pic of them all looking/smiling.  Candids is where it's at people!

Obviously I took these pics and they are my kids and I obviously love all pics of my kids, but these I really love cause not only are they real life, but I am looooooving the tones and colors.

It got super cloudy and thunder and lightning started to roll in and the kids were a bit freaked...but there's something about that old playhouse and the colors that just gives me some many feels with these pics!

Even when the sun has set, if it isn't super overcast I feel like I can't get these colors/tones like I can when it's super cloudy and about to storm.  I just LOOOOOVE the moody feel to these and the very 'real life' feel to them!

I'm probably rambling and getting to photog-y for you, but yeah, I really love these snaps.  Truly, if I could have gloomy overcast days 100% of the time, I'd be happy!  Haha!

Anyways, just a little photo dump for ya nice and early on this Tuesday morning :)

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