#instagramson, A Year Later

I realized a year ago I posted this post...

All about my own personal insta-son.

Welp, thanks to Timehop it reminded me of one of my most favorite pics Patrick took...

So duhhhhh, as I was snapping some pics of Annie (which I'll share below) and Patrick meandered in and wanted to snap sooooo, we recreated our pic from a year ago!

Man, he is so good, right??!?!  Color and black and white for your viewing pleasure.

Gosh Patrick, never stop snapping.  I LOVE what you capture!  Oh, and I obviously edited his snap, so here's a little SOOC and then my edit on his pic:

I also posted tonight this:

I love you dearly Mike, but Patrick wins for Annie + mommy snap this week 🤷🏼‍♀️😘📸

Mike's snap:

Patrick's snap:

YUPPPPPPP. Sorry Mike, Patrick wins this round.

Anyways, this kid is killing it and I hope he continues his love for taking pics and capturing things! I need to teach him how to edit on his iPad/phone and my computer eventually (maybe I'll outsource to him?!?! HAHA!).

Oh, and here are a few Annie snaps to end this Friday evening post for ya...officially in the single digit day countdown for school and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!  I leave a week from today to snap a wedding in Indiana with my buddy Tiff (from Terry Farms Photography) and then we leave 2 weeks from Monday for Europe! I CANNOT WAIT.  Have a great weekend friends!!!

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