It's SUMMMMMMEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!! {& some work news!}

I mean, that basically  IT IS SUMMERRRRR! And unlike past years' posts that echo this pretty same sentiment (cause who isn't excited for summer to finally start?!?) this year it's different: I am DONE with Ursuline full time and come August I'll be part-time online only and this is HUGE.  I think I've talked about this a bit before but never had an official post I don't, here ya go! I figured my FB status update pretty much covers it: I am now getting to focus 100% on being a mama and my photo snappins. I.cannot.wait.  And yes, a vacay to Europe in a few days sounds like the most perfect celebration! HAHA!

Patrick clearly shared in my excitement today for it being summer and my new gig. 

Gosh I love this kid so much!

The kids have been on summer break for almost a week (and I just joined them at noon today!!) and we've been celebrating summer the best way possible: eat ourselves through it.  Donuts ^^ from dad earlier this week then...

...and a MOD date!  Although NeeNee couldn't join us since she's in Europe, we went with uncle Charlie and it was a blast!  Actually Rosie got a special summer treat already: a day date with uncle Charlie to the Zoo! SHE LOVED IT SO MUCH.  And I think Charlie did too :)

She really had SO MUCH FUN.  And barely a week into their summer vacay these kids are totally getting spoiled and living it up with all of the fun things they've been up to!  Zoo, pool, KiKi's Lake, you name it they've done it in the past week!

Mike snapped these pics before we headed off today -- the kids got to play at grandmas and I went to my last day of meetings (and then celebrated by posting the above when I was done! WOOOOOOOT!!).  I love our matching shoes (and they really are awesome -- Native brand, SO COMFY!!) and love this crazy crew of mine!

I'm off earllllllyyyyyy tomorrow morning to head out east to meet up with my friend Tiffanie (from Terry Farms Photography) to second shoot a wedding on Saturday and then hustle back on Sunday to then pack up and get the kiddos off to their vacation homes on Monday morning and then Mike and I are off to Europe to meet up with my parents for 11 days! We.cannot.wait!

Anyways, I'm sure there'll be lots of Europe spam coming your way just stay tuned!  I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend and HAPPY JUNE FRIENDS!!!

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