Annie's 2 Year Check-Up

I still am in disbelief that Annie is 2 years old...I cannot CANNOT believe it.  Still cannot believe it and seeing her timehop newborn pics from 2 years ago is hitting me in allllll of the feels with how much I miss having a new baby in the house...this is the longest time ever we've gone newborn-less since having kids and man, I'm feeling it.  Feeling it BIG TIME.  Man, ALL OF THE FEELS TIMES A MILLION.

Okay!  Onto the point of my post: Annie's 2 year check-up!

Girlfriend is a happy, healthy TWO year old and the smallest Mooney two year old to date!  She's a good like 6+ pounds less than her brother and sister at two, and probably why she still fits in 18-24 month clothes and why she is barely in 2T!  She also has itty bitty baby feet, still wearing size 4 (and a few size 5) getting lots of use out of shoes Rosie never wore because by the time she was walking she was too big for them!

I had my big camera at the doc with me so duh!! Had to snap some pics of Annie girl before the doc came in for her checkup...clearly she was having fun playing on the exam table!

Annie is doing awesome at 2...she's expressive, talking in sentences, opinionated, and knows what she wants and when she wants it.  She promptly told the nurse multiple times, "NO! Don't want to!" when she was told to get on the scale...and then said "No don't touchhhhh!!" when the nurse was trying to measure her head size.  So yeah, she's an opinionated little thing!

The doc was super happy with her growth and how she's doing with everything, so hopefully we won't be seeing her again until next February for her 3 year checkup!  Because, knock on wood, we'd love to make it another year without visiting the ped office.  Fingers crossed we can do this!!  Annie got one vaccine (Hep A I believe) and cried for just a bit before asking to go to Target (haha, that's my girl!) so she got a sucker for being brave and off we went!

Anyways, that was our riveting 2 year check-up for our Annie girl!  She's growing like a weed, but not too fast so we're getting some great use out of clothes :)  That's all I've got for her little checkup update!!  I hope you have a good one friends!  Onto year 3 with our Annie banannie!!

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