Halfway Through

I cannot believe we are HALFWAY DONE, halfway through February!  Seriously, how is this month already half over?! I feel like it was just January yesterday.

And truly, I'm excited to see it go...I'm really anxious for spring -- a new start, a new bloom for so many things.  We jet off to Hawaii in a little over a week and I cannot wait, especially since that'll be the week Clark was due.  I'm ready to celebrate our little guy and what would have been his birth date and then bid February farewell and onto March and the wonderful things (and a couple more trips!) that lie ahead.

Also, still waiting on those autopsy results...

Okay!  So what have we been up to lately?!?  A lot and not a lot allllll at the same time.  This is definitely my lull time in snapping...I have a few newborns I *should* get to (depending on when they deliver!) before jetting off to Europe and hopefully one birth mama who goes before I leave, but other than that have just been getting lots of things done and a few updates and what not with my photog stuff (like here - I added client testimonials and here - birth client testimonials!).

Anyways, per my usual jam, had some stories of our weekly adventures to share and a few photos (read: photo dump) for you...

Sunday night we went to my aunt and uncle's house for a taco fiesta because we had some family in town visiting.  The kids loved playing with all of their big cousins' old toys.

Annie clearly LOVED the foosball table.  Like she was the biggest cheerleader for Patrick and Gramps' game.  So darn cute.

I attempted to take a few pics before dinner of the kiddos (because Clark Bear made his way out of the big kids' bedroom and I seized the opportunity to take a few pics of all of the kiddos)...welp, embrace the candids Alex, amiright?!?!?

Patrick wasn't feeling it.  I need to up my bribe game more.  HAHA!

ALSO!  How funny is this gem he came home from kindergarten with?!? I was DYINGGGG.

So darn funny.  The stuff he brings home is AMAZING.

Monday I had my camera out and duhhhhh, had to snap a few pics of my big kiddos before leaving for school.  They just crack me up!

Once again P wasn't super in the mood for pics.  5-nager is hitting him hard it seems. HAHA!

Ro got to wear her heart jammies to school on Tuesday for her Valentine's Day party and it was just the cutest thing EVER.

Annie and I have gotten a lot of solo time (as is our jam most weeks) and we adventured to a lot of places this week...

Target, the park, lots of playing at home...girlfriend was in heaven!  OHHHHHH, speaking of, I caught the WILDEST sunflare I've ever snapped inside.  Like this was just with my iPhone and by the time I got my big camera out it was gone...but I swear it was little Clark man saying hi.

WILD, huh?! I swear that was a little blue angel in the bottom left corner saying hi and wanting to play with his big sister.  Gosh I'm getting goosebumps just typing this!  I swear I see little signs of him everywhere...and other little signs of him telling me that where I am is where I'm meant to be.

On Wednesday the girls are usually at my mom's but she was feeling a bit under the weather this week soooooo they were with me and off to the pool we went!

We actually ran into our buddies there which was AWESOME and kind of funny because Wednesdays are the days in which Ro usually gets together with her buddy Jack and this Wednesday she was still able to hang with him even though it wasn't with the grandparents/great aunts!  How fun is that?!?  Annie clearly was being her dramatic self and didn't want to leave...nor take a pic with her buddy Claire.  HAHA!

Two random videos of Rosie being a character.  She loves dance (how about those jumps?!?!) and enjoying Happy Joe's for Cole's birthday.  Gosh she cracks me up!

Today is Valentine's Day... so it started off with surprise donuts from dad...which I PROMISE they were thrilled about!

Then we did a mini photoshoot with the kiddos and their new Valentine's Day Swank before heading off to school! 

Annie and I hit up the park before she got soireed off to a special Valentine's Day lunch with her boo Charlie and his wonderfully awesome girlfriend Giselle who I freaking LOVE!  And she got fun little treats for all of the kids which they LOVED!

After school it was SO WARM OUT (like 60!!) so we got some outdoor runnin' around in too before heading off to Jason's Deli for dinner...gosh we love that place.

All in all it was a good little Valentine's Day and good week thus far...got some snow forecasted for this weekend (UGHHHHH) but I'm hoping my birth mama goes so I can get to snappin' that!!  I've been birth deprived and I NEED to shoot one soon! HAHA! Anyways, that's about all I've got for this fun little recap of what's happening.

I will state that this week I got a HUGE sign that I'm doing what I AM MEANT TO BE DOING.  We started doing our taxes and I think I surprised both myself and Mike with how much I made last year with photography.  Like a huge sign and boost of confidence that I CAN DO THIS as a full time job without teaching.  It gave me a great goal to set for myself this year and has inspired me to continue to work hard to book clients, continue to improve my skills and grow my business!  And I have the best little guardian angel on my shoulders pushing me on.  So that makes me smile really big right now in a time that's been at the very least, difficult.  So a little positive note to end this long photo dumpy post on :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend friends!!  Oh, and here's an amazing self portrait P drew of himself this week.  Enjoy!

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