I Tried.

I saw a picture recently of a gorgeous snap of a kiddo by a window with big fat rain drops on it and the kid was looking longingly outside waiting for spring and it was gorgeous.

We have had such atrocious weather here lately, and it rained today, I thought "Hey, I should try and do that same thing with my kids."


Why did I think they'd cooperate?!?  They are the epitome of photographer's children syndrome. 

But, you know what?! I kinda love these pics.

No, they are not those dreamy raindrop window pics (can you even tell there was rain on our window?!?! Haha probably not.) but man, I love these.  Because it sums up perfectly these two.  Best buddies who follow each other's lead and are so goofy and funny and playful and silly.

So, not what I envisioned but about a million times better I think :) Candids for sure!  Gosh I love these two.  Always keeping me on my toes!

Hope these snaps gave you a bit of a giggle :)

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