Hot Minute

I just realized it's been a hot minute since my last post which is so not like me.

Let's just say it's been a complete whirlwind of a week, emotional rollercoaster as we creep closer to 2/26 when Clark's c-section was going to be...and gah.  Just so much stuff going on.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't counting down the minutes until we leave Sunday morning for Hawaii.  I literally cannot wait and NEED THIS TRIP SO BAD...FOR SO MANY REASONS.

Anyways, we haven't really been up to too much -- mostly getting ready for our trip and since this is my slooooowwwwww time I've busted out my camera a lot more to snap just random happenings with my own kiddos!  OHHHH!! My birth mama did deliver SUPER early Monday morning (just barely made it to that...gosh she went quick!) so I'm hoping and praying my two other mid/late March mamas hold off going into labor until 3/4 or after so I'll be back to snap it!  If not, my amazing backup is up!

As usual with our weekly jam, Annie and I got a lot of solo time this week and we hit up the stores to prep for their vacay to the grandparents coming up and our trip to Hawaii!

Such a cute little dimpled helper she is!  Actually after I picked her up today she was allllll about that picture life (since I had just come from this Fresh 48) and she said, "take picture mommy." SO DUH.  I did that!  Golly she's so darn cute.

And it was surprisingly semi warm today in the mid 40s which was SO NICE.

So the other day Patrick came home with this amazing story from school...

"My sister bit me."  He was writing about how Annie bit him over the weekend when he was stacking blocks at grandma and papa's house.  I WAS DYING.  It was so darn funny AND TRUE!!  Naturally Annie soireed in and we had to get some pics with her too.

I love the bite reenactment she did.  She really is Alligator Annie.  She bites. A LOT.  And a lot of times it's random, unsolicited.  SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IF YOU COME AROUND HER.

But gosh darn it if she isn't adorable though!  Those dimples will get her whatever she wants from me, I just know it!

Also!  Rosie is basically turning 13 next month instead of 4 FYI.

Her favorite way to unwind from the school day: watch shows on her iPad.  And with her new Shopkins headphones she got just for our Florida trip coming up.

Speaking of Rosie, she asked to wear her London dress (found it on Amazon FYI) earlier this week so DUH.  Had to snap some pics of her in it cause ADORABLE.

The other night she was sitting so cute on Mike's lap, despite the tears on her cheeks after having an epic meltdown because Patrick was in the bathroom (GOING POTTY) and she couldn't come in to brush her teeth.  Ohhhhh, threenager.

And then moments later this happened...asleep all curled up with Clark Bear and my heart exploded.  Miss that little boy SO MUCH.

Mike and I have been going to workout a lot this week...well, he works out.  I sit in the hot tub for an hour playing on my phone, obsessively voting over and over in the so addicting Shoot & Share contest that's ending soon.  But the hot tub relaxing has done wonders for me this week so while Mike feels awesome after a good solid workout, I also feel great after lounging in the hot tub all morning.

We did hit up the pool tonight though with the kids and they very much loved that.  A good end to our Thursday and crazy week thus far!

I literally CANNOT CANNOT wait for our Hawaii trip.  And it's for SO MANY REASONS...many I've shared, some I haven't (but may in the future...again, it's been a whirlwind of a week) and just know how much this trip means to us and how we are hoping for a lot of relaxing, a lot of reflecting, and hopefully a whole lotta healing.  Sunday can't come soon enough for us!

Anyways, that's about all I've got for this post...hopefully I'll have another one before we're off on Sunday...if not, I'm sure I'll be blogging and sharing all about our adventures next week!  Seriously, CANNOT WAITTTTT!!

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