Birth Snap Sharing

I'll admit it: I will NEVER get tired of seeing my snaps properly shared (read: credited!) by media outlets.  Whether it's an account resharing them on Instagram or someone sharing my photo on Facebook, I love seeing them because I am so proud of my photography and love sharing birth snaps because gosh darn it, capturing those stories are my passion!

So I entered the Birth Becomes Her contest back in January and entered 5 of my snaps.  One of them won the people's choice category for best postpartum image.  Well this contest was viewed by TONS of people and some other media outlets have picked up some of the images (not necessarily the winning ones) and I saw that PopSugar shared this today...

Did you notice any familiar images?!??!

Perhaps #5 and #19?!?!?

AHHHHH! I freaked when I saw that I had not one but TWO images in there!  So freaking amazingly awesome! 

Of course I had to text both of these amazing birth clients that there images are going big time public and both of them were thrilled (I have the BEST clients in the whole world!).

Big versions for ya with bad eyes.

Anyways, I just had to share because I just looooooove when I see my images online AND properly credited.  Makes my day!

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