Saturday morning after breakfast Patrick asked if he could take pictures with my camera.

Welp, the last time he did that he was able to hold that 7 pound beast up for just a few minutes before he said it was just too heavy and paranoid polly over here was like yeahhhhh lemme have that back before you drop it.  Welp, I decided to get out my old 6D (which is actually Mike's camera!) with my 50mm lens that is tiny (aka lightweight) for him to use.  He was SO excited!

Clearly I had my iPhone out and then I was like DUHHHH ALEX go get your big camera since he's using one of your other ones!  So I did.  And my goodness, this kid has GOT IT! 

I mean, how freaking adorable is he with my camera?!! I seriously may take him with me to a few sessions this year to see what he captures -- so if you're reading this and have a photo shoot scheduled with me and want to see what Patrick can snap of you too, let me know and I'll bring him!

I LOVE this comparison shot: what I see vs. what Patrick captured.  Dude has an EYE for pictures!  He snapped close to 500 pics #snaphappy and there were some ehhh ones but he had a lot of gems too!!  Check out what he captured:

I think he did pretty darn good, but I also have a wicked set of mom goggles on and am incredibly biased.  Haha!  Also Annie apparently was his favorite subject too.

So after our little kidtoggin' morning we went over to my brother and sister in law's new house to play -- because instead of recycling their moving boxes they made them into a gigantic box fort castle in the basement for the kids!  And they FREAKED OUT -- they loved it so much!  They said Brady (their dog) was the dragon and it was so freaking funny.

They had a blast running around and playing in the castle all morning.  We then decided to hit up IMOS for lunch with Gramps and the girls decided they were just going to have cheese in various forms for lunch while Patrick devoured (also asked for...he said he wasn't in the pizza mood!) an entire salad!

I made sure to leave a tip because HOLY MESS these kids left!  Haha!  I'm really curious if they are these little pigpens at school too when they eat cause HOLY MESSY.

After naps all around we decided to hit up the pool for the evening and even though it was crowded the kids had a blast.  We even snuck in a family snap too.

And when I got home I was like hmmm, I think the next time I put on a swimsuit will be in a week when we're in Hawaii!!! EKKKKKK!!!  I cannot believe we are a week out from our trip.  I am so so so excited.  But also it's a little bittersweet because we should be a week out from meeting our sweet little guy instead of being 16 weeks postpartum at home empty handed.  Grief just sucks.  And that wave I'm riding continues because it ebbs and flows daily with how I feel.  Gah.

Okay, I'm stopping myself now before going down that venting rabbit hole.  I am SO HOPING my birth mamas I have on tap go this week before I leave...or hold out until I get back!  Otherwise my wonderful backups will be gettin' some births snapped for me!

Alrighty, that's all I've got for today...hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and start of your week!

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