It Snowed. Again.

I am SO OVER this winter.

SO SO SO over it.

We've been having teaser tastes of spring in between the arctic blasts and snow and it has been SUCH A TEASE.  I am craving spring in so so SO many ways, but the nice weather is a BIG ONE.

Anyways, since it did snow, I decided to embrace it for a hot second and let the kiddos play out in it.

YOLO for 5 minutes kids.

And clearly had to document it.  Here's a snowy photo dump for ya :)

Patrick had the most fun...Rosie next, and Annie in dead last because someone freaked the heck out once her hat fell off.  Ohhh, Annie girl!

Anyways, t-minus just a little over a week until this will be BEHIND US cause ALOHA HAWAII and I cannot CANNOT freaking wait!  I am so hoping my birth mama who is due soon goes this week (fingers crossed!) and my couple of newborns I get squeezed in before we go.  Would be the perfect send off for our little Hawaiian vacay!  Have a great Saturday friends!!

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