10 Days Left...

Ahhhhh, where to start?!  I realized I blinked and it’s Friday and I have only 10 days left of my maternity leave -- May 8th, a week from Monday, I’ll be back at work!  I’m totally dreading it cause these past 12+ weeks have been WONDERFUL but I’m also trying to remind myself I have just 3.5 weeks left before summer so I can totally pound through it.  Plus, it’s relieving to know that the kids will be with Mike when I’m back at work so that’s really nice too knowing they’ll be with daddy.

So I should first start off with this article -- ummmm, look at #9!  It’s Rosie!  How freaking cool is that?!  And that article is 110% correct -- I concur will ALL OF THOSE.  I just think it’s so awesome that they put a pic of Rosie in her June & January onyx dot outfit (what else?!!) eating snacks out of her Snap & Shop Tray which has been a freaking lifesaver shopping with her now.

We actually hit up Target yesterday and Rosie was back in onyx dot (+ sunnies) with her Snap & Shop tray looking fancy dancy.  Seriously, if you have kiddos and take them shopping, these trays are a MUST.  Total game changer.

Earlier this week I surpassed 10,000 ounces of breastmilk donated since 2013!  WOOT!  My official total is like 10,600 right now (1300 being currently with Annie) and I’d love to hit 20,000 at some point :)  I really love spreading the mama’s milk love.  One perk to having an oversupply.  And Patrick took that pic of me.  He's getting good :)

Earlier this week before the torrential rains started (ughhhh.  Suppose to rain all.freaking.weekend. The worst!!) I got a few pics of Scooter looking adorable in our backyard.  He’ll be 12 soon (or 13...or 14...I don’t really know!) and I’m hoping we have oodles of time left with him but if we don’t I want to make sure I have lots and lots of memories of him.  I feel like sometimes (all the time!) he gets overshadowed by the tiny humans so it’s fun to take some pics of JUST HIM every now and again.

I posted ^^^ this pic earlier this week as a PSA for my mama friends -- I’d consider myself a seasoned pumper and this pump is freaking amazing.  Ten thousand times better than my old one I was using and it's so much gentler on the girls and gets SO MUCH MORE out.  This was one was actually covered by insurance but I just went ahead and bought a second one so I would have one to leave at work too.

These are a few gems from Rosie's Wednesday adventures with my mom.  She has the best time going on all different expeditions with my mom and her friends and their grandkids.  She and Jack are becoming such good friends and it's so awesome to watch their relationship grow!  I actually went to high school with Jack's mom and we've reconnected -- and Jack's aunt and my mom are good friends so they make Wednesdays their fun play days!

On Wednesday Annie got her first date with Papa (and Molly!) while I took my video production students to KSDK News for a tour with my buddy Kay Quinn!

The girls had a blast and learned a TON about video production on a large scale.  This was like the 4th or 5th time I have taken kids down there and each and every time it's so awesome for the students (and me!) and they get to meet so many news people and learn a bunch!  Definitely one of my favorite trips!

On Tuesday night we had our buddies the Rosenbergers over and it was a ton of fun!  Robyn is the brain child behind TinySuperheroes and the kiddos wore their capes waiting for their buddies to arrive!  We had a blast with all 6 of our kiddos that night -- Robyn's older boys and Patrick and Rosie ran around like crazy and had so much fun and I got to snuggle Sheldon and Annie!  Sheldon just had surgery yesterday on his feet to help fix his vertical talus and hopefully he is on his way to a full recovery!

Thursday was grandparents and special friends day at Patrick's school and he had an absolute blast with his grandparents (minus my dad, he had a meeting) and his KiKi!  He couldn't stop talking about it all last night and just had so much fun showing off his school to his grandparents and great aunt!

My children are obsessed with sunnies.  It's adorable and awesome and thanks to my buddy Ann for the tip we scored a ton of pairs for $1 at the dollar store so if they break or get lost no big deal.  They were just a buck.

I feel very fortunate that these kids of mine are freaking amazing and SO GOOD to each other 98% of the time.  I love that Patrick asks to hold Annie, Rosie loves watching over her always, and that they'll all smile (well, Annie will at least look!) for a picture for me.  So lucky am I. 

Speaking of, this meatball currently takes the cake for best Mooney sleeper.  For the past week she's been sleeping 13+ hours at night (and then one 3-4 hour nap during the day) and it is freaking wonderful.  I remember this around 12 weeks with both of the other two but never THIS LONG, they'd do like 11-12 but this is just glorious.  I am not sleeping that long (I'm lucky if I get 12am - 7am!!) but I am so happy Annie is sleeping good and I hope it keeps up!  More all about her on her monthly update coming on Sunday when she's 3 months old (ugh! already! someone hold me!)

Thanks to the weather I had 2 photo shoots canceled this week...so what do I do when my photo shoots get canceled?! I compensate by snapping pics of my own kiddos instead!  Win win, right?!  Rosie was the subject of my snapping this week and shockingly she wanted a headband in AND LEFT IT IN and she looks sooooo adorable in it.  I hope she'll let me put them in her more often...which means Annie will have to share her headband stash with her sister...which i'm sure will be the first of many sister sharings :)

I'll wrap up this post with a lovely snap of Annie and some Instagram story art by yours truly.  I crack myself up :)  Have a great weekend friends!!

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