Rosie at 2 Years Old

TWO.  Ro Boat is TWO.  I cannot believe it and then I can, because her big sister status has made her age instantly and seem like she's much older than her 24 months of age.  Plus, she talks pretty dang good so that makes her seem older in my book too.  But it for real feels like it was just yesterday we were welcoming her into our family and I was penning her birth story and now BAM.  She's two whole years old.  Time is absolutely sailing by.

I always do a little photo shoot with each of the kiddos for their birthdays, and these ^^^ gems are what Rosie gave me for her big day.  I cannot believe how much bigger and older she looks than my last post about her at 18 months (or even 15 months and 12 months).  She looks like a giant and a little girl instead of a baby (or even toddler!).

We actually had her 2 year checkup today too (nice mom, aren't I to do that on her big day?! But no shots, so that was one perk) and that went so well!

Ro is a happy, healthy, and BIG 2 year old!  She's off the charts for weight and fairly tall for her age too.  Her doc was impressed with her speech, understanding, and motor skills!  Rosie was her typical diva self being sassy and shy (then warming up at the end of the appointment, typical) but fortunately was good for all of the measurements and checkups she needed!  No shots at this appointment and she doesn't have to come back until she's 3! WOOT!

Anyways, Rosie's birthday party is on Saturday, so she's thrilled for cake and all of that good stuff...but until then and my post I'm sure I'll do recapping her party, I thought I'd leave you with some info about our Rosie girl at 2 years old.  Mom stats!  You're favorite, right?!! ;-)

  • Rosie weighs 33 pounds and 4 ounces and is 34.75" tall.  She is a BIG girl.  We joke that she's a tank and as heavy as a sack of potatoes and that is SO TRUE.  She is a big girl (but she always has been so I guess it's nothing new!).  It will be interesting to see if she thins out at all in the next year.
  • Ro wears a size 7 shoe (she just moved up into that size!) and is in 3T and 4T clothes.  Depending on the brand, she's in mostly 3T but some brands are small so she's in 4T in them.  She is a big girl that's for sure!
  • Sister bear's 2 year molars have popped through -- well, the bottom ones have at least so I'm sure the top ones aren't far behind!  That makes her tooth count up to 18!
  • Kind of like I said at her 18 month post, she understands EVERYTHING and talks very well -- much better than I remember Patrick talking at 2.  She can tell us what she wants the majority of the time, can count to 10, knows some of her colors (although most she calls "yellow"), and so much more! I know on Patrick's 2 year post I listed all of the words he could say and there's no way I could do that with Rosie because she probably has close to 100 words by now!  
  • She's a great sleeper.  Usually falls asleep around 8:30-9pm and then will sleep until 8:30-9am the next morning (as long as her roommate doesn't wake her up!).  She still takes one 2-3 hour nap a day around 1pm...however, some days she never falls asleep and just talks and plays in her crib for 2 hours before I wave my white flag and let her get out.  I'm guessing by 3 she'll probably have dropped her nap completely...but I'm hoping she hangs onto it forever cause she needs it and so do I!
  • Potty training: she is definitely way more interested than Patrick was at this age and will sit on the potty and let us know when she's pooped, but that's about it.  She is getting some princess and Minnie Mouse undies for her birthday just incase her mindset changes, but just like with Patrick we're not pushing her and letting her guide us in that.
  • Is still a thumb sucker!  She doesn't have any lovies like Patrick does (although lately she's been obsessed with having this Tula blanket (which is super rare and can go for as much as $250 on a Buy/Sell/Trade page!! OMG. she picks the expensive ones, doesn't she?!) with her when she's sleeping), but she usually sucks her thumb when she's tired or being shy out in public.  She has a plethora of stuff she sleeps with ranging from wet wipes (not kidding) to dolls to books to cars.  She likes having her stuff with her always and is definitely a mini-hoarder, because at both the grandparents' houses she has hiding spots for little toys and trinkets she finds and wants to keep.
  • Ro is very good at playing by herself and not destroying things (like I remember Patrick doing at this age!) -- she likes to pretend play and talk for her dolls and such (most of the time in her own language that we can't understand!) and doesn't usually make too big of a mess.  She's chill and calm most of the time when she's playing and doesn't get stuff out unless she plays with it...and usually does really well about putting things back too.
  • Lately is super into princesses, dolls, and Minnie Mouse.  Very girly things :) She does like any and all kinds of dogs and animals, but lately the girly girl things take her attention most of all!  She loves listening to the Moana soundtrack in the car (like as soon as she's strapped in and the car starts she's asking for Moana!) and even knows some of the words to the songs!
  • LOVES having her hair done (especially by NeeNee) and nails painted.  She will sit very still and let you do her hair and/or nails when she asks for them to be done (or you suggest it) -- she has a very good attention span for a 2 year old!
  • She's totally bribeable most of the time.  How do you think I got those pictures of her above?!  I bribed her!  She will usually do whatever you're asking of her if you promise her a treat or a piece of chocolate.  I'm not above this in any way and it usually allows us to get done whatever we need to!
  • With ^^^ that said, Rosie is also incredibly stubborn and bullheaded -- when her mind is set to doing something there is hardly any changing it.  If she wants to brush her teeth (which she wants to do at least 10 times a day!) nothing comes between her until you give in and give her her toothbrush.  There's no bribing or reasoning with her on some things -- when she's REALLY set in her way, she doesn't waiver.
  • LOVES her iPad and watching YouTube Kids.  She knows how to scroll through and navigate to all of the shows she likes to watch, how to search for things, and so on.  I think she knows at 2 how to use an iPad better than some adults!  We try and limit how much she's on her iPad (because she'd be on it all day long if you let her) and only give it to her during down time (aka I'm feeding Annie!) or right before bed.
  • Ro Ro is an amazing big sister.  She absolutely has embraced her role and LOVES her little sister.  Absolutely no jealously (knock on wood! thus far!) we have noticed and cannot give her enough hugs and kisses and lovin'.  I know they're going to be the best of friends (kinda like she is with Patrick right now) soon and I can't wait to see it.
  • Loves her big brother probably more than anything -- missed him like crazy when he was gone on his spring break vacation in March) and fights like crazy with him when he's home too.  Definitely siblings.  But they both love each other and miss each other really bad when the other one is gone.
  • Sister bear loves to read books and have them read to her.  She'd sit and listen to 10 books if you sat and read them to her -- it is one of her favorite things to do!  Grandma and NeeNee both love to read to Ro and she loves having them read to her too!  She's definitely a little book worm.
  • Rosie is super particular on her clothes, shoes, and hair bows -- she likes to pick out what she's going to wear and if you pick something out that she doesn't want to wear she will let you know!  Her bow choice of the day is her favorite and always likes to pick out a bow (regardless of where we're going that day!) to clip into her hair to wear.  Same with her shoes -- she has favorites and don't you dare try to put anything else on her feet!
  • Rosie is starting 2s preschool in the fall -- she'll go full days on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays because, see above, we think she's most definitely ready for a school setting and to expand her learning and interactions with other kiddos even more!
So that's about all I've got to report on for our eldest gal's 2nd birthday!  She is a firecracker and sweetie and a sass pants all at once and we couldn't love her any more if we wanted to!  She is our little middle child and big sister and is just amazing and our family wouldn't be the same without her!  We love you so much Ro Ro!

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