Bath Time, Earth Day, and Sunday Dinner

Okay, the theme of this post is simple: I've had my big camera out A LOT lately and have been snappin' away like crazy!  Haha!  We haven't really done much this weekend other than a lot of park time, photoshoots for moi, and taking pictures!  Haha!

We have been hittin' up Pioneer Park A LOT lately (it's the best park -- the little and big playgrounds are right next to each other and the playgrounds are FAR away from the street/parking lot so no worrying about running out into traffic).  We hit up Pioneer Park this weekend with cousin Lizzy (Patrick went to the lake!) and Rosie had a BLAST with her.  They both are at the age where they like to actually PLAY with the other person and don't just fight (although sometimes they do. haha!)

Friday night we actually took dinner up to the Pond for Goose and she LOVED having her great grandbabies there with her!  The stuff she says is hilarious so I've been really trying to get more video of the crazy things she says cause it is just so darn funny.  Plus Patrick and Rosie just love being with her and that's adorable to see too, just like the kisses they LOVE giving her!

The girls took a bath together the other night, and, shocker, I got my big camera out to snap some pics of it!  Gosh aren't they adorable?!  Annie I'm sure will get use to sista bathtime more and more as she grows up.

Also!  Can we talk about how awesome RAW is?!  That is the mode I snap in and basically it allows me to take the left side pics and turn them into the right side -- what they SHOULD look like :) I LOVE doing this and saving my pics, especially in crappy lighting situations like our bathroom!

Saturday was Earth Day...and...keeping with tradition...

2015 vs. 2017

I threw the diaper-needed children into diapers and snapped a pic praising our love for cloth diapers and helping the environment!  Scoots was in it too...which everyone loved when I posted it.  I'm so glad my children were smiley and happy participants that day!

I had 2 photoshoots this weekend, one of them during Sunday dinner at the Mooneys, so I got there late and ate quickly and then snapped some pics outside before we left.  We found some bubbles leftover from Easter and everyone had a blast with those.  Since Patrick was at the lake Rosie had a blast with her cousin Lizzy again -- they really do love each other and love playing together!  I hope they are besties as they continue to grow up!

Here are 3 random videos from this weekend: Patrick and Rosie FaceTiming and her telling him she loves him (awwww!), Patrick asking if he can have "lemonade" which is definitely not HIS lemonade (but mommy here's!), and lastly Patrick doing his exercises like he sees KiKi doing at the lake.  Dead.  These all crack me up! Oh!  And we got a ballpit too (my parents' neighbor was getting rid of it so, duh, we took it!  And it's practically brand new! Woot!).

So!  That's about all I've got for this quick little photo dump Sunday evening post.  I have 2 weeks left of maternity leave that I'm trying to savor and take slow...then I want my last few weeks of school to go fast so I can have a long summer with my babies!  Have a great week friends!!

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