Snap Happy

Yep. I've been crazy snap happy lately, so I have a gigantic photo dump for you!  Aren't you excited?!

Before I unload those snaps I took today (which aren't even all of them -- I took Rosie's 2 year pics this afternoon too but you'll have to wait to see those until her birthday Thursday!) I'd thought I'd share a few non-big camera snaps from the past couple days.

We took the kiddos to the pool on Thursday and they had a BLAST.  Patrick went down the slide about 40 times (not kidding) and he was exhausted when it was time to go, hence his complete freakout/meltdown that ensued.  It was lovely.  #not.

A sweet lady in the locker room (that actually knows Mike!) took this snap of me and the girls, and then Mike's brother Matt took our 110% accurate of current #lifewith3kids pic of us all in the pool.  No one is looking and mom and dad are smiling and holding it together.  Just perfect.

These are 2 snaps that show off Annie's chunkalunk that I didn't include on her 2 month post but wanted to throw in here for good measure, cause, #memories.

I got these shirts a few weeks ago and had been waiting to do a snap of all of them in them so Friday morning when everyone got up we tossed them in their coordinating duds and snapped this gem and OMG.  I love it so.  I have called Rosie sister bear since I can remember so it was fun to have all of them in the "bear" theme for this photo.  I just love it.

Speaking of fun shirts, I also got this "Nope not today." shirt for Patrick at the same time as I got the bear shirts and his basic reaction to me trying to get a pic of him wearing that shirt but him not wanting to smile for a pic is just perfect.

Yesterday we decided to go to Sweet Be's and visit our buddies Stef and Kristen AND pick up some chocolates to take to the Pond for Goose!  We also had these sweet bird socks we had gotten her for this exact ^^^ photo reason and so we got her up, gave her some sweets, and snapped this gem while we were there and I was laughing so dang hard taking it because it's just hilarious and perfect.  And she had no clue what was on the socks either so that made it even better.

Last night we hit up a fish fry (Mike's favorite thing to do on Fridays during Lent!) and then got home and Mike had to take off into work ASAP because someone got shot (so I had fun with the girls cause Patrick spent the night at grandma and grandpas).  I tossed Annie in this tank jumper from June & January that I wasn't crazy about but once she had it on I absolutely love it and now want a zillion more but I'm resisting.  Haha.  Also, how about my instagram story art in that last pic?!  It made me laugh harder than it should.

I had a family photo shoot this morning so once I got home I thought it'd be fun to give Patrick one of my cameras and let him snap away...and OMG.  One of my better ideas.  I was only mildly freaked out of him dropping my camera, but he did so well and snapped some great gems!  Obviously I was snapping away of him any pics below of me (or Rosie!) Patrick took.  He's pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

Aren't those pretty darn good from him?!  For the 5 minutes he had my camera (on auto) he took 175 pictures!  Holy cats!  He was a snappin' fool!  Guess he gets that from me too, cause for my photo shoot earlier today for 45 minutes I took 570 pics!  YIKES!

This little lady slept from 7:30pm - 3am, ate for 10 minutes, then back to sleep till 7:30am this morning!  She is rockin' this sleeping thing, and even slept from 12:30pm - 3:30pm for her nap today too!  I had to take advantage of her smiley self on her adorable name blanket and snap some pics of her this afternoon once she got up from her siesta.

We then woke Mike up about 5pm and since it was his birthday, we went to one of his favorite eating spots (and kid friendly!), Jason's Deli.  The kids, despite the above, were actually pretty darn good and did super well at dinner.  Although after ice cream they hit their breaking point so we flew out of there as fast as we could.

Patrick and I dropped the little girls and Mike off and we hit up Aldi before calling it a night.  Mike took a siesta on the couch after the kiddos got to bed (and, holy toledo, Annie took a 5 ounce bottle no problema from Mike tonight!  YAYYYYY!!!) before he had to head off to work.  The kids helped him open his presents earlier and he got two new swimsuits, a new frying pan, some Sriracha keychains (he loves his hot sauce!), a new scale, new undies, and a new electric kettle!  The name of this birthday's game was PRACTICAL GIFTS.  Cause Mike is impossible to shop for so we got him things he needed and could use!

Anyways, that's about all that this part of the weekend has entailed.  We don't have much going on tomorrow which is nice!  Ro's birthday is Thursday, her party is Saturday, the following weekend is Easter, the twins (my new nephews!) will be arriving sometime after that, then it'll be May before we know it and Patrick will be turning 4!  CRAZY!

I'll leave you on this Saturday night with this lovely video of Rosie giving Annie some {snotty} kisses.  They are too cute, aren't they?!  I'm so glad Rosie doesn't hate Annie...gosh, I thank God every night for that!  I hope it stays that way!  Have a good one friends!

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