Patrick's 4th Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Patrick's 4th birthday a couple days early and oh what fun it was!  It has been POURING all weekend long, so our plan was to have his party outside in the backyard but once we saw the forecast for this weekend that got quickly nixed and instead we did our usual party jam: inside in the basement.

We recently got a new addition to our basement -- a bouncy house -- so that was a HUGE hit at his party today as well!

We usually have parties in the morning before nap time, but since we had a wedding last night and what not, we decided to do a late afternoon Sunday party instead!  And it actually worked out really well and was a ton of fun!

There wasn't a theme for this party (oops) but Patrick did request a Mickey cake (even after I basically begged him to let me make him cupcakes! but nope, he wanted a cake!!), so that I guess was kinda the theme for his party??  Doesn't really matter, he had a blast regardless!

I literally had to wake everyone up at 3:30pm to get ready for the party!  Everyone, Mike included, fell asleep (probably because it was so rainy and just a perfect afternoon for a siesta!) so at 3:30 I decided it was time to get everyone up and get the party started!

Everyone started rolling in around 4pm and the kids had an absolute blast.  The basement was CHAOS with all of the kids but it was so much fun!  Between the ballpit and the bouncy house the kids were in toy heaven.  I can only imagine how great future parties will be!

After some play time we had dinner (yummy all beef hotdogs, chips, and fruit) and then it was time to cut the cake and sing happy birthday!

Patrick was beaming and SO EXCITED for his cake (that he picked out!).  He blew out all of the candles and everyone cheered, especially his biggest fan Rosie.  Haha!

After cake we did presents and then some more play time before everyone departed by 6pm!  Kids birthday parties are short and sweet, just how we like them!

All in all it was a great day -- Patrick got a ton of Mickey and the Roadster Racers toys, Transformers, and a bunch of art supplies.  I hope he likes what he gets from us on Tuesday too!

I cannot believe my little dude, my #1 main man is going to be FOUR on Tuesday!  Time sure flies.  I feel like this was just yesterday and now my dude is FOUR...has one year left of preschool before he's in kindergarten!  I cannot believe it.  Patrick, you're such a joy to have in our family -- we love you so much buddy and can't wait to continue watching you grow and turn into an amazing young man!

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