Patrick's Spring Break Trip to Florida {Photo Dump}

Patrick had an absolute BLAST on his spring break trip to Florida a few weeks ago with his KiKi!  I finally have gotten around here to blogging his trip -- which honestly is just a photo dump because I wasn't there!  Haha!  He did have a blast and has told us a TON about what he did, so between the pictures and his stories I feel like I was there...kinda :)  I've included some trip highlights before I dump all of these pics on you!  He is SO LUCKY to have a great aunt KiKi who spoils him rotten and takes him on awesome trips...he can't stop talking about her or his trip and I know he's anxious to see what their next adventure is going to be!
  • Went swimming in a pool or the ocean of his trip!
  • Got to go strawberry picking with Steph and Jack
  • Loved taking Huck and Dill (Steph and Jack's doodles) on walks
  • Got to hang out with his cousin Sara who loved tossing him up in the air over and over in the pool!
  • Played games with Phyllis (Sara and Jack's grandma) in her room for sometimes as long as an hour!
  • Got to go on alligator hunts with uncle Johnny and Jack in the golf cart
  • Went to alligator alley and go to go on a boat ride to see all sorts of animals in and out of the water!
  • Went to a Kobe Steakhouse type restaurant where they cook the food right in front of you and loved that!
  • Had an early visit from the Easter Bunny while he was at Jack and Steph's house
  • Got ice cream and made a gigantic mess all over himself with it because it was so hot outside it melted instantly!
  • Had dinner with aunt Sally, uncle Johnny, Phyllis, Sara, Jack, and Steph many nights and lovedddd that so much!
  • Visited a national park and got his park passport stamped on his visit!
  • Had more fun than this short little summary probably is including!

THAT'S IT!  And actually I shaved these 150ish pics down from 400+ so you didn't have SO MANY to go through :) KiKi and crew did a great job of documenting Patrick's adventures!  I'm so glad he'll have these memories to look back on...and now that it's been blogged, I won't lose these snaps! HAHA!  I hope you enjoyed looking at Patrick's vacay trips as much as I did!!

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