We Love Mitz!

It’s no secret around here I LOOOOOOVE clothing my children and finding adorable outfits for them to wear.  A couple years ago I saw a Kickstarter campaign for this ‘gender equal’ clothing and I fell in love with what I saw.  Since we don’t find out the genders of our kiddos before they’re born I am always hunting for “gender neutral” clothing and this company hit it out of the park!

I made a pledge to their campaign and they sent a shirt once their campaign was fully funded.

This ^^^ was the shirt that came and I loved it so much.  Not only the cooking pattern (so cute!) but the material it was made out of -- high quality, a little bit of a stretch to it, and so soft.  I also loved that a boy or girl could wear these clothes so they could be easily handed down to future kiddos no matter if the were little ladies or little dudes.

Obviously I LOVE taking pictures of my kids, and these clothes are just some of my FAVORITE to snap them in!  Plus, they pair SO WELL with the bright vibrant June & January surplus of clothes we have as well, so win win.

Patrick loves wearing his Mitz shirts -- it’s always the first ones he digs for in his drawer when he gets to pick out his own outfits.  I have started having him try and name the things that are on his shirt -- learning and lookin’ stylish!!

Rosie LOVES her Mitz dresses and shirts.  She has several shirts and then a couple dresses and gosh she looks so adorable wearing them.  I mean, I’m biased but I think she cannot look any cuter in them!  And I love that when she grows out of them Annie will be able to wear them too!

Annie doesn’t get left out of the equation either -- she’s got several Mitz outfits too and golly she looks so cute in them!  They’re great cause she matches her older siblings wearing them AND if we have another kiddo and it’s a boy he’ll be able to wear these too cause, GENDER NEUTRAL FOR THE WIN!

Anyways, I just had to give a shoutout to one of my favorite clothing companies.  I get giddy with excitement when they have a new style or design coming out cause I can’t wait to get it and put the kiddos in it!  I love the look and feel of these clothes and the kids do too.  If you’re looking for clothes for your kiddos OR a shower gift for a friend, check out Mitz!  I just love them so!  What a great company (and they have AMAZING customer service too!!)

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