A Day at the Park

We spent our first official day of Christmas break the best way possible: a trip to a (new to us!) park with our buddies!

I have actually done a few photoshoots at this park and really love it and always have noticed how dead the playground is when I go.  Plus it’s stupid close to our house so I know it’s going to be a new favorite spot of ours!  Plus, the big playground and small playground are right next to each other.  WIN WIN!!

The kids were being so cute and sweet to each other so naturally I had to snap some pics of that!

Annie was cold? Not having it? But she quickly chippered up once I got her out of her stroller and onto the ground and let her crawl around and be tackled by her big brother and sister.

Oh, and she kept doing this “trust fall” thing and it was freaking adorable and she would have kept doing it over and over again if we’d have let her! Haha!

I should mention this chick went on the potty when she got up in the morning (!!!) and wore undies to the park and stayed dry the entire time!  WOOOOOOT!  But that was her only victory that day; we put her in a pullup to go to my family's Christmas dinner and she peed and pooped IMMEDIATELY once it was on. Ha! But at least she's holding it and not going in her undies, right??!?  Fingers crossed she continues to do well and make good strides cause I am SO READY to ditch the dipes for her for good.

Annie had a great time crawling around and exploring...I think she was happy to be out of the stroller and 'playing' with the big kids.  She definitely could not take her eyes off of them!

The big kids had a BLAST running around playing with their buddies.  Patrick ditched his jacket (brrrr) so we looked like the irresponsible parent who doesn't properly clothe their kids. OOPS.  Good thing no one else was there!  HAHA!

We were at the park for almost 2 hours and they truly had SO MUCH FUN!  I am so glad I brought my big camera for some playtime snaps as well...I'm in kind of a lull for photoshoots so it's been so nice to be able to still get some snaps in AND bonus, to have them of my kiddos!

Oh what a fun first day of Christmas break we had!  Tiny friends are just the best friends. 

Have a great weekend friends...and happy almost Christmas Eve/Day! :)

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