Snap Patrick, Snap!!!

Dude loves to snap.

I mean, this Pixltoys camera is ahhhhhhmazing and he can't get enough of it!

Clearly I can't get enough of him using it either! HAHA!

This is nothing more than a gigantic photo dump of pics of my favorite little dude using his camera!  It was SO WARM on Monday (like 56 degrees!) albeit a bit windy, but we had to take advantage and get outside for some snaps!  Some snaps of me snapping Patrick snapping!  (Follow that??!)

Anyways, if you have a kiddo who likes to take pics, get them one of these cameras!!  Patrick has a discount code for you PIXLPLAYBR30 at if you'd like to save 30% and grab one.  Promise you won't regret it -- they are awesome!!

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