The year is winding down.

I'm down to just TWO photoshoots left and then 2017 will be wrapped up.  I snapped this newborn yesterday and it was one of my favorite shoots ever.  I've done a few extended family sessions (here and here) this past week and they've been wonderful...even with having to do them mostly inside. 

I have a 2017 year in review post I've been working on, a 2017 favorites from Pics & Paws post, Annie's 11 month post, and my 365 matte project post ALLLLL in the works that I'll be finishing up come Sunday and publishing for get ready for a gigantic post dump that day! HAHA!

Anyways, I snapped a few pics of the girls having breakfast this morning and gosh I just love these.  Lifestyle, real life photography is where my heart is at lately and I love it so.  It'll actually be the theme for my 2018 project!  365 days of real life candids, all 4x4 formatted.  I.cannot.wait.

How's that for a gigantic breakfast photo dump for ya??!?  Patrick had a sleepover at grandma's so he missed out...but I'm sure it would have looked pretty similar had he been here :)

Anyways, I can't believe we only have TWO days left of 2017!  I'm determined to send it out with a bang (I loved 2017.  It was a great year!) yet welcome 2018 and all of the things to come with open arms.

Hope everyone has a great one!

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