Annie at 11 Months

OMG.  We are hours away from bidding 2017 farewell and welcoming in 2018...and also a month away from this little lady turning ONE!  Truly, seriously, from the depths of my heart: this was the fastest year EVER.  EVER!!!

Annie is 11 whole months old today and 47 weeks old as of last Tuesday.  Seriously, I feel like we just brought her home!

Annie is such a happy little lady -- and we are just smitten with her and totally feels like she's been a part of our family FOREVER!  She's also our petite little meatball :)

We don't go back to the doc until after she turns a year, so here's a boatload of mom stats for you (you're favorite!!).
  • Annie weighs 22 pounds even!  My guess is she's about 28ish inches long??!  She seems super short and chubby, hence being able to fit in all age-appropriate clothing still, unlike her giant older siblings!
  • Annie wears primarily 12 month clothes (and some 6-12 and 9-12 as well).  She is definitely our first kid to wear clothes that match her age!  She is definitely our little peanut and I am so curious to see how she measures up at a year!
  • Girlfriend is full-on crawling EVERYWHERE.  However, much like her big sister, she doesn't really "get into" anything; she plays with what's in front of her or she crawls to another toy.  We had zero issues with having the tree up and train during Christmas time -- she never messed with it! 
  • She is not pulling up (actually she doesn't really like to 'stand' even when we're holding her up!) but does do this kneel-standing thingy every once in a while so I'm guessing pulling up might be coming in the next month or so.
  • Another tooth just popped through up top so she's up to FIVE total now!  My guess is by 12 months she'll have 6 -- four up top and 2 down below.
  • Still a rockstar sleeper.  Gosh she is SO GOOD with sleep.  Same as last month: one nap from 1-3/4pm everyday and then down for bedtime around 7:30/8pm and usually sleeps until 8/9am the next morning.  She is so amazing with her sleep and definitely still holds the title for best Mooney sleeper!
  • Great eater.  Still gets a pouch of pureed food here and there, but is pretty much eating whatever we are eating!  And golly it is so much easier that way!  She is actually a great eater and has really yet to protest against something we give her!  Some favorites are bananas, chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, applesauce, hamburgers, french fries, yogurt, blueberries, and so much more!
  • We are working hard on ditching the bottle!  She actually does well with a sippy cup so I'm hoping when I go back to work after New Years she is DONE with the bottle.  She still nurses 3ish times a day...and I am SO READY to ditch the pump too!  I know with both of the bigger kids they were done with bottles by now so I'm hoping by a year Annie will be too.
  • Nickname game is still holding strong with Annie Banannie and Annie girl being our top nicknames!  The big kids have really started calling her Gugu even more which is adorable...cause whenever they see her they run up and give her kisses and tell her "Hi Gugu!!" 
  • She will throw her hands up (kind of!) when you say, "How big is Annie?"  And it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.  She will clap too -- but definitely does these things on her own and not a lot on command because, dammit, she's a woman and no one is going to tell her how to live her life.
  • LOOOOOVES her big siblings and Scoots SO MUCH.  She lights up when they come into the room and she sees them.  They always can make her happy and stop crying and it is just the cutest thing EVER.  They all are going to be best buddies I just know it!
  • You could say she's 'talking' -- we have heard her babble words like mama, dada, and uh-oh amongst a ton of other things we have no clue what she's actually saying but does 'talk' a TON!  Wonder if she'll be a chatterbox like her big sis??!
Okay, and I know I say this every month, but here's your (read: my) favorites: comparison snaps!

And my fave, all 3 at 11 months old!

Welp friends, that's all I've got for our little Annie banannie at 11 months old!  Next post will be her last monthly update (WHAT!!! that went so fast!!) and she'll officially be a one year old toddler.  GAH!  Time really goes too darn fast.  Until 12 months my friends, adios!

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