Christmas 2017

Keeping with tradition 'round these parts (2016's version here), Christmas has come and it's time for me to bloggity blog all about it!  WOOT!

First off, I should note that I am blogging this from late Christmas afternoon because, for like the first time in forever, we have NO WHERE TO GO on Christmas night!  The kids are in the other room playing with their toys with Mike, the crockpot is roarin' a killer batch of baked potato soup, and I'm here writing all about our 2017 Christmasy adventures.  I really REALLY need to make sure next year we do this same thing -- a whole lotta nothing Christmas night.  It truly is heavenly.

Okay!  Back on track!

Yesterday we got up and we were going to do Christmas brunch at Mike's aunt and uncle's house...and Annie showed off that she is rockin' the self-feeding thing and able to feed herself with her pouches and gosh that is just the best thing ever now.  Helllllllo self-sufficiency!

I will add, because I'm sure this'll be a separate post in itself, but we are on day 5 of no diapers for Rosie (actually Santa took her diapers with him back to the North Pole last night) and she's only had ONE accident!  More on that in another potty adventures post.

So Christmas Eve morning: once we got up and got the kiddos dressed and headed out to Joe and Janets!  I told the kiddos they could have a treat and watch Moana on our way since it is a bit of a drive (about 45 minutes).  They were clearly super excited about that.

Welp, the 45 minute drive took 90 minutes cause IT WAS SNOWING!  SO MUCH SNOW.  Not really, but there was a ton coming down so it made for a slow and very slippery drive.  I made Mike drive cause elements + Alex don't mix.

The kiddos got a treat at Jot and Janet's: SANTA CAME!  And he brought them little presents and treats!  They were all so excited -- it was the cutest thing EVER.  We had a yummy brunch there and then headed home for naps and to get rested up for our Christmas Eve festivities.

We headed over after naps to my parents house for Christmas Eve dinner and what a fun time we had!  Patrick and Rosie got their gifts from uncle Charlie and that took over basically the entire night!  Patrick was (and still is!) obsessed with his race track and could not get enough of it on Christmas Eve.  We set Rosie's princess castle up after we got home so she got to play with it on Christmas once she woke up.

SEE?!  He was obsessed.

The kids also loved playing with their uncles SO MUCH -- especially uncle Ben.  He heads back to Boston on Tuesday and I know the kids are going to miss him.  They've really loved having him here for the past 4 months.

When we got home the kiddos realized Donuts the Elf left them a surprise...

Donuts brought some new bed tents for the kiddos and they freaked out!  They loved them so much and they literally crashed immediately in them!  Only problem is their baby monitor cams you can't see through them! HAHA!  Maybe it's time to ditch them anyways. haha!

Anyways, the kiddos were itching to go to bed and sleep in their new bed they set out some of their homemade cookies and milk for Santa, and headed off to bed!

Keeping with tradition, Santa came early to the Mooney abode!  And boy did he go a bit overboard it seems! HAHA!  But we knew the kiddos would love it and dang it, with 3 kiddos you have to get a lot of stuff, right??!?!  Haha!

A gigantic photo dump for you, but I think this accurately sums up the amazingness of our Christmas morning!  So many gifts and three incredibly happy burritos!  Rosie was OBSESSED with her new doll house, Patrick glossed over his new bike and was really obsessed with his walking-talking robot (the ONE thing he asked for!), and Annie just wanted to eat wrapping paper!  HAHA!

But it was a great morning and serious toy overload -- but in such a good way.  The kiddos seemed so appreciative of everything they got and couldn't play with all of it fast enough.

We then packed up, grabbed the cheesy potato casserole that was cookin' all morning, and headed over to my aunt and uncle's house for Christmas brunch.  The kiddos had a blast with their cousins and Mike and I got some adult convo time (for once!) before we waived our white flag and headed home for some much needed naps ALLLLLL around.

Oh we did manage to get 2 gems of family snaps which make my heart oh-so-happy cause we really don't get a ton of family snaps with ALL of them in it!  Actually, I'd say this past year we have 20 or less family pics of all of us!  I need to be better next year about getting us all in them.

I will say I'm loooooooving on one of my gifts I got -- it is so cool! I can instantly print any snaps I take on it, OR I can even wifi over snaps I take on my iPhone (or big camera!) and have them printed too!  Plus it's digital so I have copies of all of the pics I take which is super cool.

Anyways, that's all I've got for this Christmas 2017 roundup!  Oh what a wonderful Christmas we had!  Each year gets better and better...and having kids truly does make the holidays so much better (and chaotic, but still, so much better!!).  I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for this Mooney bunch!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!  Here's to a week full of lots and lots of photo shoots (and some new babes and their arrivals!) and a great way to end 2017 and start off 2018!  Have a great one friends!!

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