Crab Legs & Jim Edmonds

This weekend was another incredibly busy -- yet fun! -- one.  I had 4 photoshoots (see here, here, and here) and the big kids were at their vacation home for some more Christmas activities, yet, despite all of that, we still were SOOOOO BUSY!  However, my jam-packed fall of seemingly endless amounts of photoshoots are coming to a close just as the holidays are getting into full swing (good timing, eh?!).

On Friday night Mike and I had a RARE date night.  Like I think I can count on one hand the times we've gone out to dinner (that wasn't for an event or anniversary) sans kids.  So this was a huge treat!

We actually had a gift card to Fleming's Steakhouse which is a place that 1. is so ungodly delicious 2. we'd never ever go to if we didn't have someone else paying for it!  Haha!  It was seriously one of the best dinners I've ever had...the crab legs were TO DIE FOR and this basil fruity drink was heavenly!

Aside from having a rare night out solo and getting to have lots and lots of adult talk, probably the coolest part of our dinner was running into Cardinals outfielder (and he was also on Real Housewives with his wife Meghan on BRAVO) Jim Edmonds!  He actually sat right behind us!! Of course I didn't want to bother him since he was enjoying his dinner, so I had Mike snap a pic of me and my finished drink...oh and heyyyyyy there Jim Edmonds in the background.  So sly am I. Haha!

We then capitalized on our kid-free night and hit up my school's staff Christmas party as well which was so great getting to catch up with some of my coworkers about non-work stuff.

Sidebar: my friend Robyn is freaking amazing.  She is donating her kidney to Super Michael in January and a month or so ago I got to capture some very special pics of them to mark the beginning of their kidney journey!  I am planning on being there to capture the actual transplant and such too...stay tuned for that!  But seriously, Robyn is the most selfless, kind-hearted, amazing person I've ever met!  I am so proud to call her my friend and what she's doing for Michael does not surprise me in the least bit -- she's such a giving person and literally would give someone part of her if it meant helping them!

Since the big kids were gone this weekend livin' it up at the lake, I was not only to get lots of photos snapped BUT I was able to get every.single.Christmas.present. wrapped!  It took me nearly 3 hours Saturday night but dang nabit, everything is wrapped! I have a few more gifts on the way but I'll just wrap those as they come.  Gosh this is the best feeling EVER!

We went to our fave MOD pizza for dinner Saturday night with my parents and then made a mad dash to Target to get Patrick (who I am so glad can't read yet, cause SPOILER ALERT) a new bike for Christmas!

Annie had a thrilling time on our Tarjay adventures.  That girl loves her some Target just like her mama :)

Sunday was a big day: I finally splurged and got UV filters for my 3 main lenses!  WOOOOOOT!  These will help that haze and glare for sunny shots, and, most importantly, protect my babies if they're dropped or what not.  Replacing a $50 filter is better than replacing a $2000 lens!

Annie and I had to make a mad-dash to school on Sunday to upload some client galleries because our internet at home is on the fritz.  I mean, it's working, but the upload stream is like worse than dial-up!  Up until Saturday it was working just I troubleshot everything I knew how to do, but unfortunately I couldn't fix it.  I called Charter and they had me do the same things and nope, nothing worked.  So a tech is coming out today to HOPEFULLY fix it because I NEED my fast uploads for my internet...that will be awful if I don't have those quick speeds anymore!  So I'm hoping it's a quick fix :)

Lunch yesterday...Annie has kind of figured out how to eat her pouches on her own, so yay for that!  She's also figured out how to feed Scooter 😑

Lovely.  But not surprising, that dog communicates with the kids on his own level and it's like they understand his little silent begging and give him whatever he wants!

A little update about this girl and her potty with her gone this weekend I told Kate to not mess with it and just keep her in that's what she did.  She is still staying dry for long periods of time, but this morning she asked for undies AND a I just put her in a diaper.  I may back off and really focus on potty training her over break when we're home for longer periods of time.  Ideally I'd love for her to be potty trained by the time she goes back to school in January...but I know that's probably wishful thinking! Haha!  But keep your fingers crossed for her :)

Just a few random Annie photos from this weekend since she was solo-kidding it and I love having that special time with her every now and again!

Before the big kids got home last night I snapped a few pics of Annie in the bathtub...

And it just so happened 2 years ago on that exact day I snapped a similar one of Rosie!  I mean, I had to do a comparison snap then, right??!?!  It kills me how much different they look!  I mean, definitely some similarities (hellllllo RB face!) but gosh so many differences.  Love these two little ladies so much!

I found this fun app (Plotagraph) and I've been having fun ^^^ playing with it!  There are some really awesome things you can do with it and I can't wait to keep playing with it more and bring some of my snaps to life!  So fun, amiright??!!

Here's a few real life snappies with me in them for a change from this weekend!  P & R are in love with their new jammies and love to match...and I have no clue where or what I'm looking at in that first pic with them.  Whatevs.  And Annie was enjoying a prebedtime snack...which I just have a feeling our days may be numbered with this.  I'm sure she'll make it to a year but after that I'm sure she'll prefer a cup to me and this journey will be done...which I'm okay with and okay having my body back for a bit :)

I'll end this way too early post with a few snaps of some sleeping babes...and get ready to head into the craziness of this week!!!  We are off to see Santa tonight (fingers crossed that goes well!) and then have a week full of lots and lots of family stuff.  I can't wait!  Have a great week my friends!!

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