Rosie's Potty Training Adventures | 01

I really REALLY hope this is not some months-long blog series I am writing about...but, just in case, I went ahead and numbered this post with 01 because I'm almost positive there will be more to this series. I hope I'm wrong but I'm sure I won't be.

Patrick was ridiculously freaking easy to potty train (see here and here) -- he basically said BYE to his diapers about a month before he turned 3 and that was it.  Like 3 accidents ever and BOOM.  DONE.  I am only hoping Rosie will be that easy but I'm not the naive to think it will be.

About a month ago I posted this gem about her pretty much non-existent potty training adventures.

Well, my friends, the tides have turned...

Girlfriend has decided she wants to wear undies (!!!) and go on the potty!  We are still doing diapers for nap and bedtime...even though she wakes up dry from these sleep episodes more times than not.  Now, it's still a bit of a challenge/bribe fest (see above ^^ she's eat a cookie.) to get her on the potty, but the past couple of days when she's gone on it she's sat AND GONE!  And minus bedtime and naps, the past 2 days she's worn ONLY undies!  We've gone out to dinner twice and no accidents!  WOOT!

Now, I will say that she DEMANDED to wear undies to school on Tuesday...I was legit nervous about this but figured we'd roll with it and see how she did.  Since I had a 7am meeting Tuesday we were rushing and in a hurry and I didn't have her go potty before we left.  Oops.  She had an accident at 7:30am at school and had to change into her backup clothes.  BUT she put undies on again and stayed dry the rest of the day! WOOT!  She did go 2 times at school (like a few drops, not kidding) BUT totally went a TON when she got home on the potty!  WOOT WOOT!

She hasn't yet told us she needs to go and voluntarily elected to go on her own -- it's always with us telling her to we're getting there.  BUT this is the first time she's actually expressed interest and been okay with going on her own without a fight AND actually going! WOOT!

Here are a few celebratory videos from her the past couple of days...

We have been really good about celebrating her successes and not making a big deal about her accidents (shockingly only one thus school!) -- even her PatPat is showering her with how proud he is of her pottying!  She's only done #1 yet...I know #2 was even a bit hard for Patrick so hopefully Rosie will be okay with #2 on this adventure journey as well.

Anyways, I just felt like I needed a diary (blog!) entry here about her potty training adventures.  I really REALLY hope it keeps going well and she gets more and more comfortable every day (and starts to tell us!).  She's physically been ready for a while but mentally hasn't been there just yet...but I think that is fading and her brain is catching up to her body.

Stay tuned for more adventure sagas coming your way soon...I'm sure :) Hopefully all good news and potty positives!!!

Go Rosie gooooooo!!! Literally!!

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