More Bath Snaps

I know I literally just posted these like 4 days ago buttttttt bath time snaps are becoming my fave and I had my camera out again tonight for bath time and, duh, I'm sharing these pics with you!

I mean, nothing else really to say other than this is a photo dump and I really REALLY am loving the mid-toss look of the water in these pics!  Mike was my accomplice tonight with these pics -- he tossed, I snapped!

Weren't those fun?!  The kids absolutely LOVE when we toss water on them and shockingly, as deceiving as these pics are, no water actually got out of the tub.  WOOT WOOT!

That's all I've got friends...just a few more days of school and then BOOM!  Done till 2018!  I.can't.wait.  Have a good one friends!

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