Rosie's Potty Training Adventures | 02

Friends, I'm back with another potty training adventures update for you...aren't you excited??!

Back at the beginning of December I posted about Rosie's first she was finally interested in the potty and was using it!

Welp, she had a few great days, then a weekend at the lake + nasty cold + crazy week at school kinda set her back and she was back in diapers.  GAH!

BUT, I knew she was interested so I kept mentioning it to her seeing if she'd want to try and go.  I'm not kidding, 6 days ago (ironically when school was out for break) she said she wanted to ditch her diapers for good and just wear undies!

And, 6 days later here I am telling you that she's in undies 100% of the time (minus naps and bedtime) and has only had ONE accident! WOOOOOOOOT!! She's been telling us when she needs to go -- and, most of the time, actually GOES.  She has yet to go #2 (right now she seems to wait until she's in a diaper for nap/bed time) but I'm sure that'll took a bit for Patrick so I'm hoping it'll click for her. 

BUT!  Dare I say she is pretty much potty trained??!  I am SO PROUD of her -- she wants to wear undies, wants to go on the potty (getting a marshmallow or other small little toy as a reward for going has helped...also having her iPhone/iPad to watch her shows helps too), and tells us when she needs to go! GAH! I could not be any more proud of her than I am.

So that's basically it for this little potty training adventure diary entry for today...nothing super exciting other than Rosie is doing awesome and I sure hope she keeps it up...cause Santa literally took all of her diapers back to the North Pole with him and all she has to wear now is undies!  WOOOOOOOT!! 

Go Rosie go, I am so darn proud of you!

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