14 weeks.

HELLLLLLLLOOOOO second trimester!  It is so good to see you!

And oh how different you are than with Annie's pregnancy!  I was complaining left and right about horrible nausea and morning sickness then and actually this go'round I feel awesome (albeit SUPERRRR tired!) and definitely don't have any nausea or anything! WOOT WOOT!

I looked back at a 14 week snap with Annie and died laughing cause I thought I was big then -- BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nothin' compared to now!  I mean, I think my body is just like OUTTTT YA GOOOO since it's not its first rodeo, but more than one person has asked about my 'upcoming' due date and are a wittle taken aback when I tell them it's at the end of February.

Anyways, other than that not much else to report!  Feeling good, baby sounds good whenever I listen on my doppler...and no movement yet but praying for a posterior placenta this go'round so I can feel this little one sooner!  Wishful thinking I'm sure :) And I'm still team girl this week.  The fast heart rate and boy dreams are throwing me for a loop! Until week 15 friends...adios!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Baby is the size of...Lemon
Overall mood?So freaking sleeping all of the time!
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?Not yet :)
Linea Nigra?Nothing there...yet?!?!

14 weeks with Annie                14 weeks with Rosie

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