Thursday Morning

I mean, what's a Thursday morning without a little impromptu photo shoot?!?!

Patrick wanted to wear his new Swanky Shank Beatles' inspired Yellow Submarine shirt today so I HAD to take advantage of it and snap some pics of him looking fancy dancy in it!

And then of course Rosie, who has a serious case of FOMO (*that's fear of missing out to all of my senior readers :), had to jump in for some pics too and of course Patrick smothered her in lots of kisses!

Aren't they the cutest??!?! Bestest of buddies!  Welp, this morning they were at least!  HAHA!

And then, duh, Ro had to get some singleton shots herself before we all headed off to school.  What a little diva!

It's suppose to rain allllll weekend long so we totally had to take advantage of this Thursday morning sun before rain and thunderstorms seemingly overtake us the rest of the weekend.  Which I am hoping we have a break in the weather here and there so I don't have a bunch of photo shoots I have to reschedule...cause golly gee my fall is SOOOOOO PACKED already!  HAHA!

Have a good one friends!!!

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