Solo Swimmin'

Literally this is what Annie and I did today: SOLO SWIMMING!  We decided to hit up Water Waddlers at the pool and NO ONE WAS THERE.  I felt a little guilty for making the lifeguard actually get up and 'watch' us, but oh well, it's his job, right?!?!

I guess since it was gorgeous out no one wanted to do the indoor pool but dang nabit we did!

Annie literally had 90 minutes of the pool to herself and she LOOOOOVED IT.

She went back and forth between the sprinkler fountains and splashing in the water.  Girlfriend had such a great time!  There was a huge basket of toys even and she barely noticed them -- the water was plenty entertainment for her by itself.

She did get a hold of my GoPro at one point and recorded this gem...

Ha!  Funny little lady.

Anyways, it was a blast and so much fun having the pool to ourselves!  Annie didn't want to leave...clearly :)

Perhaps we'll go back again tomorrow and bring Rosie with us...will give Annie someone to play with other than me (which she was not interested in playing with me!!) and my GoPro. HA!!

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