NeeNee's New Trampoline!

Let me first start off with today was the Mondayest Monday EVER.  It started off awful.  I'll spare you the details but yeah, mama here needed a pickmeup and QUICK.

After running a few errands, Annie and I decided to hit up MOD Pizza with my mom and brother for lunch.  And lemme tell you what: there is not much that pizza can't cure.

I snapped a few pics of Annie while we were there and HOLY CATS.  This new iPhone Xs Max's camera is AHHHHHMAZING.  Like I cannot get over the quality on these PHONE PICTURES.

These may be some of my most favorite Annie expression pictures to date.  Golly she's a funny little lady, isn't she?!?!

My photoshoot got bumped today due to a sick kiddo, which actually worked out because NeeNee and Gramps had a HUGE surprise for the kiddos: a new trampoline!  So once everyone got home from school we headed over there to surprise them...and, needless to say, they LOVED IT.

Seriously, there is going to be hours and HOURS of fun on this in the years to come!  We had a trampoline in that exact spot when I was little so I cannot wait for the memories my kiddos will make on this one!!

So this is my favorite picture I captured of them bouncing...and maybe one of my most favorites EVER (and in color and black and white cause I'm indecisive on which I like best...I mean probably color but I'm showing you both):

BOUNCEEEEE.  It looks like Annie is levitating!  GAHHH! How cool is that?!?  Anyways, the kids had a BLAST on the new trampoline.

Seriously, SO MUCH FUN.  I'm sure, just like the swing pics out front, there'll be a billion more pics of their trampoline fun to come!

After some bouncing we hit up IMOS (yep. Pizza twice in one day.  Don't judge.  Or do.  It's fine, pizza cures all, remember?!?!) for dinner and it was delicious.

Annie was super obsessed with having more and more cheese on her already cheesy pizza. HA! That girl loves some cheese!

Anyways, a crappy day that fortunately ended well.  Nothing a little family time can help cure, right?! Oh and pizza.  Lots and lots of pizza :)

Here's to a better day tomorrow and the rest of the week filled with oodles of Mooney time and oodles of snappin' time too!  Busy season is officially upon me! EEKKKKK!  Hope everyone has a good rest of their week!

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