Cakes Galore!


I mean it's no secret 'round these parts how much my kiddos LOVE sugar -- or cake, or anything tasty. When Maggie moved back to STL and gave me a shout about doing pictures of her amazing handiwork...DUHHHHH!! Of course I leapt at the chance! I know how much my kiddos like cake and thought this would be a fun little change from what I normally snap.

Meet Maggie Cakes!

If you are in STL, you MUST check her out — her work is incredible AND her cakes are SOOOO tasty! You can check her out on Instagram or shoot her an email at — she truly does it all! Weddings, birthdays, you name it she does it!

My kids freaking LOVEDDDDD her you can probably tell. HAHA! Seriously, they could not dive in fast enough and I couldn't snap fast enough to capture their chowin' downs!

Anyways, check her out — you won’t be disappointed! My kiddos sure give her two thumbs up!!

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